Wednesday 26 June 2013

Yam Paste (A.K.A Orh Nee) (芋泥 in Chinese)

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Under Men's Health online tips on dieting and weight loss,
Yam Paste is one dessert to skip.

Quoted from their page:

"With its Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)-busting figures for sugar, fats and calorie composition, the lord of all egregious desserts promotes diabetes and excess weight" 

"100g of this dessert yields just 1.5g of protein, which is a mere 2 per cent of the RDA (68g)."

"Pay The Price: 65 minutes of jogging at 12km/h for a 600g serving." 


Yam paste is definitely one of my all time favourite dessert! 
Despite it's awefully much calories, I still cannot resist this wonderful dessert.

Lets say, if I were to skip this Yam Paste... 
I might end up eating 3 times the amount of chocolates.

Yes, it may sound like an excuse but it is extremely true in my case. 

This dessert never fails to bring out the potential flavours of the yam and the complimenting sweetness with the added sugar syrup.. it's just yums. 

It is definitely a must-try. 

Usually, people would skip this dessert completely in order to lose weight.
In my case, I would rather eat half a usual portion and skip the meal completely

Yes, I agree that I'm super unhealthy 
but the Yam Paste is so filling and it is enough to keep me hunger-free 
for the next few hours. So.. why not?

My recommendation is the Yam Paste from MyDessertStory. :D
Do share it with your friends as to minimise your own intake!

Here is the nutritional information (of half a bowl from MyDessertStory) : 

Calories: 474kcal
Carbs: 61g
Fats: 24g
Sugar: 41g


Everything still boils down to how much you choose to eat and eat wisely!
& Limiting your overall calorie intake~

Signing off, 

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