Tuesday 25 June 2013

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves (Beanstro @ Ngee Ann City)

Disclaimer: I'm ignoring my waistline for the day, or you call it an excuse, it's a day for over-eating to maintain my metabolism rate! LOL, since I didn't gain any weight prior to this.

Located just in front of Guardian and alongside some restaurants, we see Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves Beanstro along the corner. Many shoppers were passing by and filling up the bistro with their presence. This rather high-end concept of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves cafe seems rather successful.

Rather oddly, I have been to Ngee Ann City for countless shopping excursions and failed to spot this rather "common" cafe in that area. I have always thought that the bistro sitting there was something else, perhaps some sort of a new Pastry's Bistro or such.

My favourite Red Velvet Cake
I had this @ Singapore Expo's Coffee Bean some time back..

I'm glad that UncleTehpeng had enlightened me with the fact that this beautifully adorned bistro belongs to my all-time favourite cafe, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves.

The beautifully adorned "Beanstro" did not disappoint us with it's delicacies and service attitude. The manager, as well as the other employees, never failed to keep their smile on in every situation. He greeted us and tried his very best in providing us with the best service despite the intimidating amount of other customers sitting in the bistro.

From Tehpeng's Camera

From Tehpeng's Camera

We were then served with our choice of drinks, followed by their New Breakfast Menu
(Until 11am only)
To state it blatantly for the start, do not miss the opportunity to try their new menu for it's one of the best breakfast you can have before a busy day ahead. 

From Tehpeng's Camera

UncleTehPeng had chose the Double Chocolate Ice Blended, while I chose the Hazelnut Latte.
The perfect blend coffee bean always offers me, managed to put a smile on my face. 

I believe UncleTehPeng loved his Double Chocolate Ice Blended too. 

From Tehpeng's Camera

The menu served were rather similar except for it's different toppings offered.
There was the Smoked Salmon (Egg Royale), Asparagus wrapped in Salmon (Egg Salmon and Asparagus), Juicy Ham (Egg Florentine) and Beef Patty (Egg Beef Patty)

They had the same base and salad on the plates.
Which this base consist of toasted bread, cheese and poached egg. 

I was completely speechless when I took my very first bite into the "base".
Other than the mesmerizing fragrance from the toasted bread, the toasted cheese was a perfect combination with the creamy sour cream on the poached egg. The bread was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The salad was extraordinarily appetising and delicious.
It was completely mouth-watering and I managed to finish it all to myself. 

The different toppings offered a variety of savoring surprises as well. 

From Tehpeng's Camera

Egg Beef Patty: 

The beef patty was surprisingly juicy and chewy, providing the taste of a lightly salted steak on your taste buds. 

Egg Salmon and Asparagus:

The Asparagus wrapped in Salmon gave an all rounded indulgence into a perfect combination of seafood and vegetables. 

Egg Florentine:

The Juicy Ham was salty but perfect with the "base", providing both indulgence to your taste buds and mouth with it's tender meat and strong flavour. 

Egg Royale:

The slightly smoked salmon gave an extra ordinary sense of achievement to your tongue, giving you the sense of freshness and tenderness like no other. 

The friendly manager gave us a little surprise gift


Treat yourself to this sumptuous meal the next morning and leave no regrets for the day.

\ (// ^ ^ //) /

Mon - Sun: 8am - 11pm 
6235 1610
391 Orchard Road
#B1-37 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872


I need to thank Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves for this chance of get together with my buddy UncleTehPeng and providing us with such a wonderful "breakfast" that kept us filled throughout the day. 

& of course, to thank my buddy (UncleTehPeng) for inviting me to this impromptu treat that was specially provided for him.

I will never forget this mouth-watering experience and I will definitely introduce this wonderful breakfast to my family and friends. 

Signing off,

*Pssssst.... Can you tell that most of the pictures other than from Tehpeng's camera are from my Galaxy S4? (> <) Bye! (^ ^)

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