Sunday 25 August 2013

[My first BellaBox]

Hi all, 

Just as what my title states, I am here to share about my very first bellabox! 

BellaBox is a box mysteriously packed with samples from various renowned brands from Asia and all around the world. 
I think it's cool to receive a bunch of bite-sized products to try before making any purchases. 
All of us like different things, moreover, we don't need to be thick-skinned to try to use the testers from the counters in the shopping centers.

So here's my August BellaBox! 

Here's the contents of the box!

The August's special National Day Celebration's BellaBox 
contains 7 miniature of awesome products:

Anyone of you can become part o this BellaBox family and start receiving these goodies from as low as just $19.95 a month.

Here are the benefits of your membership! 

Hop on and start receiving these fun-sized products! 
That's all for this post and I love BellaBox! 

Signing off,

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