Monday 26 August 2013

Rex Studio - for a magical you

Advertorial post 

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Welcome welcome if you're looking for a studio to take professional pictures for work, school, wedding, personal pictures.. you name it, they have it.
It is none other than Rex Studios.

Yes. If you want to preserve your moment of beauty before all our wrinkles or fats set in as we age... its a good idea to grab a photographer now, book a studio and hire a make-up artist!

I went to Rex Studio for a complete make-over and to my surprise, it was really a COMPLETE make-over. 

I loved the patient make-up artist with marvelous make-up skills.
The awesome photographer who patiently guide me to poses that would hide my flaws and flaunt whatever I could have flaunted. Haha.

*Behold* you will feel super lucky to have stop by my blog today because..
There will be a special deal just for all of you reading this now!
A special package just for YOU!
(Simply quote "Kiyomi" during your booking)

Personal Portfolio:
[Usual price $888...]
Includes of ...
-at least 60 photo shoots taken ( indoor and outdoor)
-15 photos will be selected print and insert into a 10" customised photo album with special cover.
-A CD with this 15 photos will be given
-additional 7" photo album will be given too 
-styling and make-up (included & FOC)
-2 sets of fashion for the shoots

***** Simply call Rex Studio hotline at 68368123 
and quote Kiyomi, a special $200 off will be given.

Rex Studio is located @
113 Devonshire road
(Behind Orchard Triple One)
May you have a wonderful and blessed journey ahead! :D

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