Monday 28 October 2013

[Update: A day out with IJC-SAGI House Excos :D]

Hello Sweeties,

School have been taking a toll on me.
I hardly have time to have any recreational activity! 
Stress have been bottling up in me.

As for now, Mid Course Exams are finally over. 
I can finally mark the finishing of half of my JC life.

It may seem tough to be stuck within a school system but I am lucky and happy to have met these awesome people from IJC's Sagittarius house!

Being part of the Exco team is definitely an honour,
I really appreciate everyone there.

& On a side note, my house captain is really handsome. Haha.

I finally had the chance to go
 out with the Exco a few weeks back and here is some pictures from there! 

Here is my OOTD & MOTD ! 

& Bought a pretty bracelet from *Scape!
I'm gonna intro the shop to you guys realllllly sooon!
You guys will love it because it's a Japanese concept store by Japanese in Singapore!

That's all for today and see you all back here real soon! 

Signing off,

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