Sunday 15 September 2013

[Cafe-visit: W.39 Cafe!]

Hello! //* ^ ^ *//

Remmy followed me to W.39 cafe! Wheets! 
It's kind of easy to get there, if you stay around Clementi, it's a real good place for chillouts.
W.39 cafe is one popular cafe that is super duper packed and crowded. 
It was lucky for us to smoke through without getting a reservation!

The cafe is pet-friendly which is a super plus point, they are definitely a blessing for pets owners around the area. 

Like GF like BF, haha. We both ordered Panini (diff. filling though)! Yipppeess. 
& We exchanged 1!
*I say... these TASTED da best* 

I asked Remmy to take pictures for me, although he DID, but it was all CANDID. 
He was holding the camera and took 3 shots, when I was looking elsewhere, and proclaimed it done!  
*How interesting~ -___- !* 

So these were the 3 shots and I was super unhappy with it 
and thus, I took selfies instead. Rawr. 


What I want to say about this cafe is that, even though the menu was kind of limited,
and the cakes they had wasn't in the menu~ 

They do have a variety of cakes inside and you are free to order them for tea! 

Feel free to visit the cafe! All you have to do is take bus number 78 from Clementi Mall

Alight 3 stops later, cross the road (opposite), then turn left and walk till you see "Taman Mas Merah" and turn right. 

You will be able to see 39 Jalan Mas Puteh there! 

It was lucky for us to get a seat there, so do remember to make a reservation 
before popping by!

You can visit them at

Have fun! 

Bye busy-bees (: