Wednesday 4 December 2013

Kampung Burger from MacDees! (from 5th Dec onwards)

Chang chang chang changggg~ !
Lets welcome the MacDees Kampung Burger back from it's long hiatus of 20 years!
Yeah, believe it or not, this burger have been awoken from it's long rest and now it's back to curry up our taste buds.

Well.. But this also marks the end of the Ebi Burger Craze.
 *Bye Ebiiiiii T-T*

The sad thing aside, lets get ready to cheer for the Kampung burger!
From what I know of, this burger was launched back 20 years ago in Singapore.
This Kampung burger is also different from those overseas because it's Singapore's very own!
If you're just travelling around Singapore, maybe it's not just the McSpicyy you need to try, but also this 'traditional' Kampung Burger that reminds us of our Kampung roots~

Living in Tropical Singapore, MacDees also came up with the Mango Tango McFizz!
This really reminds us of our fairly hot weather in this rainy season~ right? > <


I attended the Kampung Burger Bloggers Launch with! Yipeees.
It has been almost a year since I last attended anything from OMY.
I really miss all the fun-filled events where I get to talk to many other like-minded people!

It was themed "Kampung" so we were also given "Kampung" games to play with!

We all got to try the new Kampung Burger!
This burger is unlike all the other burgers, it is made with the McMuffin Bread with a non-spicy fried chicken patty & topped with a Pineapple Slice!
It's a really filling burger for all the hungry people out there :D

You know what.... even a glutton like me almost couldnt finish it! T^T

And my favourite is definitely the DRUMLETS! OMG. 
Its amazing and YOU'VE GOTTA TRY IT. 
*It's damn wasted if you don't lor!* 

Also, showing to you my favourite cocktail of sauces!

Tomato with Garlic Chilli~~~  
Hhahah. Yes, I know it may sound a little .. errrrr...
BUT STILL, it's superb ok!

& Like I said, I've met many many wonderful bloggers this trip to MacDees @ AMK Park!

AMK Park MacDees is also a great place to hangout esp if you're driving because they have their very own parking space!
Hahha, I remember, this is the very first place I had supper with Nichology because he was driving and we wanted a place to sit down and have a chat!
it's a really good place to hang out for supper if you don't need any alcohol!
Ororororrrrr, it's also a good place for drive thru if you're around that area! 


Ending off with our very own Singapore's MacDees Childhood toy....


I will never forget him because it was him who accompanied me through my journey with MacDees since young! *Sobs*
Thank you Mr Hamburglar for making my MacDees experience such an awesome one!
*I know it's lame getting all emotional and all... ):*

Grab your childhood toys and remember how they used to make your day!


Ultimately, I really thank God for this awesome experience with the awesome people around.
I got to know Rui Long, who is SUPER like-minded!
Although she isn't a blogger, but she holds many similar experiences with me > <
Talking to her is like talking to an elder sister.

I also thank God for the bloggers that Ive met on that day,
I got a chance to meet Tricia after more than a year since I last saw her.
She's still as friendly as ever!

I've also met Fenny, this is the 2nd time I'm see-ing her around.
Didn't get to talk much but she's really nice!

I saw Don there as well,
I've NEVERRR talked to him in real but I somehow know/saw him through/in other events!

I got to know new friends such as CF, Fiona and Tris!

Ermmmm, there's so many many many more bloggers there!

I would also like to thank OMY and MCD again! Yay! 

Well, that's all for this post!
Zai Jian People!


  1. It seems like most people are falling in love more with the drumlets :P

  2. Nice chatting with you too~~~ :)