Sunday 24 November 2013

[Slimming Products Review: Resyze Slimming Supplement]

Up till today, I've tried Slimspa Bodyworx, DHC New Slim and BioSlim Slimming Tea.
All these products are available at Major Drug Stores in Singapore.

Recently, I've hopped on to try another product, the RESYZE™ Curve Sculptor.
Resyze has the same pronunciation as Re-Size. It aims to help you obtain the "shape" you want.

Background information:
Resyze is a product inspired from the French diet.
More info:

RESYZE™ Curve Sculptor contains:
-Phase 2 Carb Controller® (White Kidney Bean Extract)
-Garcinia Cambogia Extract
-Chitosan encapsulated in vegetable capsule

The main use of this product is to block the fats and carbohydrates from our meals, preventing it from being absorbed by our body.

Resveratrol is a extract found in Red Wine, which is commonly drank by the French, that is able to utilise our stored fats in our body, thus, facilitating fat loss.

*All these are said based on the theory behind the ingredients*

The Pill's size and "Taste":  

-The size is reasonable to swallow. Having to swallow 2 pills at a time is reasonable.

-However, the taste is quite disgusting when the pills are un-swallowed.


-This pill, unlike the others, the effects is quite visible upon the first few consumption.
E.g. Popping this into your mouth 45mins before your heavy meal, and after 1 day, weigh yourself again, you wouldn't gain as much weight as you would. (Judging from past experience)
*But this doesnt mean that you can just, eat eat eat and eat, and not control your diet*

-However, I do not feel that it will be useful if consumed on a long term basis.

-I would keep these pills in my wallet and just before I know that I would embark on a heavy meal, I would quickly swallow 1-2 pills then indulge in it.

-Its really useful and quick in its effect of blocking carbohydrates (:

After 1-2weeks

-The pills did not make much of a difference if I do not exercise.

-Its mainly useful in blocking your food more than burning your fats!

Side Effects:

-Perhaps, the best thing about this product is that there is ZERO side effects on me.

-No fast heart beats, no burning gastric, nothing at all.

Overall verdict : 4/5 stars

-It is good in controlling weight when you decide in indulging on a huge meal.
-Overall, I love these pills as a great supplement to-go! I can bring it anywhere just in case I needed some SOS on a big meal such as parties or social dinners.

-It's available at Watsons and Guardian, anywhere when you need a SOS!

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  1. Hi kiyomi,
    You have tried many slimming/compression socks and arm bands in 2012 right? Any to recommend that is effective? I have lots of water retention as well as muscle under fats problem on my 4 limbs :(

    1. Hiyah, yes, it is effective! :D you can get them online.