Friday 20 December 2013

Kiyomi's Batam Trip 2013! (Main)

I've finally got to blog about my Batam Trip with Boyfie!
This is my first ever trip overseas with him & I was surely excited.

I went there with him without much planning, 

I'm not gonna dive much into technical stuff but more about how much I enjoyed myself there!
It has been so long since I last spent so much time with my Boyfie because his freedom is robbed by S.A.F! Urgh! 

We spent 3D2N there and we got to complain OPENLY about our habits!

Like how much he cannot stand the fact that I need HOURS to prepare before leaving the hotel, and how much I cannot stand the fact that he can spend hours playing games on the iPad and ignore everything else in the world. 

Alright alright, I should really stop complaining here. Hahah. 
This post isn't all about complaining right?! > <


(Day1) 1st Stop: Batam's Miniature Houses of Indonesia 

We went there to see the mini-version of the houses from different parts of Indonesia!
There were many statue animals on display too!

Boyfie was shocked when he saw how much of a "mountain-tortise" I was!
I was shouting.. "LOOK AT THISSSSS!" and he was like, "this is just a freaking giraffe -__-"

Despite that, he still willingly took pictures for me and walked around with me.
Moreover, he also joked around with me about how the animals 'dont look like animals' at all!

After that, we went to look for the famous EPOK EPOK! 


(Day1) 2nd Stop: Famous & Cheap SWEES Curry Puffs! 
*.... Sardine puffs and Chicken puffs too*

Each Deep-friend Puff only cost us SG$0.30! How cheap is that!
The quality is somewhat like those of Old Chang Kee and Tip Top Puff.
However, they also had this really special taste to it. Like... somewhere in between both mentioned... Hmmmm...

We bought 1 of each flavour! They all tasted good.
We also saw many locals swarming in and buying boxes of curry puffs back home!

*Look at those folded boxes ready to pack the Epok Epoks for the people!*


(Day 1) 3rd Stop: BCS mall! 

How can we not end a day with good shopping?!
We went to BCS and spotted many many cheaper-than-bugis clothes!

You must not let them know that you're from SG,
if not, you would become carrots for them to chop!

You should just go and speak in Bahasa Indonesia! Then they will think that you're some random locals and give you a reasonable price. 
Being different from Singapore, you can also try to slash-prices with them!
A good chance to flaunt your Singaporean debating skills. Wuahhahahaha~ 


(Day 2) 4th Stop: Nagoya Shopping Mall

We didn't go to Nagoya for shopping because we knew that Nagoya is super famous for their over-priced counterfeits and their die-hard-must-sell-to-you attitude.
I decided to "test" this rumour about Nagoya, and guess what... ITS SUPER TRUE.
Nagoya is NOT a shopping place man. 

Well yes, we ultimately went there for their A&W because of Boyfie's weird craving for it.
I don't really understand why people-of-his-generation loves A&W so much!
He said so much about his childhood days, where he spent tons of money on A&W's desserts... uh humm...

I've got to say I'm not a hundred percent fan of A&W but, the desserts there are sure economical and quite addictive. I really like their ice cream waffle!

Apart from that, I've also decided to dye my hair at Nagoya because their salon looked so much more professional compared to those at the road sides or in BCS mall...

*Right hidden in that corner you see there....*
 I went to Willy's Salon located at the right corner (1st floor) of the open air area of the Shopping Mall.
Although it is considered very expensive to dye my hair there compared to other places in Batam, I ought to trust them more for it.
I see many rich people in Batam visiting them too! So I believe that they are good enough to handle my hair!
I wouldn't want to end up with some "chao-ta" hair back to SG.
It cost me about SG$45 for this. It's still much cheaper than Singapore!
Consider it a good bargain!

I was really happy with the end result. When I'm back, friends did compliment my hair saying that it still looked healthy and with the natural-looking shine.

After dying my hair, we went to the hypermart in Nagoya!

Rainbow cakes! Yipeees.
I have to praise these bakers in Batam because they really make good desserts!
It might be due to their awesome skills in making "Kuehs" that made them such good bakers!
It don't only look good, but tastes good as well (:
Plusplus, it's CHEAP!

As you can see from what we did @ Nagoya, we literally spent the entire Day 2 at this mall!
We walked around, sat somewhere, talked a little, walked around this place again & there goes our time.


(Day2) 5th Stop: 999 Seafood @ Pacific Food Court

I am sure that you guys have always been looking at people going to Batam for their A&W and some Ayam Penyet etcetc right?
Now... let me introduce to you... BATAM'S SEAFOOD!

This place sells really good Zi-Char food! The seafood is fresh, cheap and good.
The fried chicken cubes are awesome too! You've got to try their food there.
Its WAYYYYYYYY better than Singapore's Newton Seafood!

After our dinner, we were super tired and went back to the hotel and slept like some log.


There's nothing much about Day 3 because all we did were to walk around some random mall near the ferry terminal and had A&W again thanks to Boyfie's determination to eat A&W before we leave for Singapore! 

That's all for our trip and I hope you enjoyed reading! 


  1. How much did you spend for the whole trip? Thanks :)

    1. It cost about S$300-400 for the entire trip :D

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  3. Where's Swees Epok Epok located?

    1. Hello, i cannot really remember. Sorry, i'm not of much help in this but if you go there, just tell the taxi and they will bring you, its quite famous.

  4. walkable from bcs?

    1. Not really, ): quite far, I'm going again, will check it out and tell you. Cause I'll take a car.

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