Wednesday 18 December 2013

Kiyomi's Batam Trip (Logistics)

Konnichiwa Minna-san

I'm finally blogging about my Batam Trip.

As for this post, I'm going to devote it to the logistics of this trip.
E.g. the ferry tickets, hotel rooms and transport.

We took the BatamFast Ferry ride from Singapore to Batam.
It took about 45mins for us to reach there and the quality of the ride was alright.
It felt like a long bus ride away and nothing special about it (: 
The tickets (2-way) cost us $38 nett because we purchased our tickets on Groupon!
We were lucky to have managed to spot cheap ferry tickets there 
& so next, was to plan our hotel stay. 

If you're not so lucky to spot any cheap tickets at 

you can easily get your tickets on 

That is, of course, if you are traveling from Singapore (:

Next, we chose to stay in Novotel in Batam!
This is because I read the reviews on Novotel Batam on Trip Advisor!
I was especially convinced and moved 
when I saw this lady wrote a review named, "not the usual novotel"

I continued and saw some "bad comments" but I decided to give it a try.
I just wanted to have a quick 3D2N getaway, so why not just give it a try. 
I was super happy with the room I was given!
The beds were clean and I had a good sleep.

Moreover, the hotel had a gym.
The gym had a "mouldy" smell but it was bearable, I could complete my regime there, 
so it wasn't that bad.

This is me completely without make-up. Omg.

Their room service is exceptionally expensive and I would skip that~

As to the hotel's breakfast, I was very pleased to hear from the locals that 
Novotel serves the best hotel breakfast in Batam.

I was truely very happy with their breakfast there.
I will definitely visit again. 
In Batam, we mostly traveled using
the official Taxi System and the Hotel's Taxi System.

It's safer that way and it was not expensive.
Each trip only cost about 50,000 Rupiah to 70,000 Rupiah. 

if you have a budget of $500-$900 or just any getaway below $1,000.
Batam is a great choice!

A great place to relax.

If you want to know more about the good food there, stay tuned to my next post!

 I would mostly thank God for this "last minute" holiday to Batam. 
He really blessed us with an enjoyable trip and had guide us to many delicious food.
Most importantly, He kept us safe throughout the journey even though we did not buy any travel insurance for this short trip.
Thank God for everything He has put in place for me.
Thank God that He had made this trip the most enjoyable.
I look forward for more of His presence and blessings. 

See ya! 

Signing off, 

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