Tuesday 4 March 2014

Confession: Nose Fillers!

I think it has been really really long since I updated this space.
Well, I have been doing kind of fine (despite that busy JC life). 

24hours will never be enough for me man. LOL. 
So, too busy, then how? *Singaporean slang* 

Busy = cannot take nice pictures using good camera = no time to photoshop = no nice pictures = no mood for blogging= no updates = not fun = boring = …. 
(okay, you get it) 

I miss typing these posts so much, posting pretty pictures online, spazzing over myself and blah…

So… Since I have been visiting Trinity Medical @ Marine Parade to fix my blemishes, I have decided to further “photoshop” my face. Hhaha. Yea, “Photoshop” in real life. 

Step 1 : Remove blemishes

What do you think Step 2 will be? LOL. 

What are the flaws you can sieve out from the below pictures?
What do you think I would photoshop if I wanted to? 

Okay yes, I’ve decided to “fix my nose”.

In a rather perverse way, I’m gonna use a “quick fix” option. Permanent liquidfying tool.
If you’ve guessed it right… I’ve decided to pump fillers into my nose 
@ Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) - Aesthetics

To me, High nose = more confidence = better looks = better pictures = no need for photoshop.

I have decided to go for it because I got so tired of liquefying my photos and I have been too busy to apply those thick layers of highlighters on my nose.

So yeap, just look at my nose without good angle-ing and photoshop!
I practically have no nose bridge at all.

My friends used to make fun of me, calling me pancake face and all. 
(that’s all the way back in my junior school years)

Yet it still made a great impact on me ok!
Like, no confidence and all without make up or lenses, it just feels terrible...

So you guys make sure that you all don’t make fun of a girl ok!
 She might seem like those who can’t be bothered with your comments 
but things like that hurts too.

Btw, Trinity Aesthetics like really became my new “photoshop app” alrdy.
It beautifies me the way I like and removes my imperfections!

So …. Leggo! Look at my new nose! :D

Apart from choosing the right place to do your fillers, you have to choose the right products too!

The product used would depend on the skill of the doctor and the material that the doctor use to create the ideal nose.

You might end up looking like the cast for avatar.
At Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade), the doctor will assess my face feature and ensure I look natural with the high nose bridge.
in my case, Restylane® by Q-meds was used!

Just in case you wanna know if it is painful to put in fillers….

My doctor applied numbing cream for me before injecting the fillers, so I do not feel the pain at all. 

And if you wanna know how long is the down time….
There is no downtime at all! (Unless from the slight bruising and stuff…)

If you wanna see my nose without any tinge of make up ...

And on the side ...

Yeaps, so this is the end of my little little confession! > < 
and I shall end of with a quote translated from chinese...
"If a human doesnt love the beautiful, nothing else in the world would capture their eyes"

Buhbyeeee! :D

Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) 
Address: 87 Marine Parade Central. 
#02-500A Singapore 440087
For queries/appointment booking, please call 6344 0027
Weekdays : 8:30 - 12:30, 14:00 - 17:00, 18:00 - 21:00
Weekends : 8:30 - 12:30, 14:00 - 17:00
Public Holidays : 8:30 - 12:30 (Closed on certain PH)

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