Sunday 16 March 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Chinese New Year 2014!

Happy happy new year! 
(Although new year celebration is over... it's good for us to remember the happy times uhhh~) 

During Chinese new year, I visited my BF's family, and BenVodaaaaaaaa with Jody Lim Peixuan! 
It's funny how much fun we can have over like 2 hours of meeting. 

This uber jialat super bad SOTONG  
(referring to Jody, not myself, even though I resemble one...) 
Lead me to the WRONG LIFT and we end us searching the ENTIRE block just to find 1 unit. 
Worse, she don't even let me call Ben to ask the exact location of his house la.
She keep saying, "I remember de hor" "I really remember"
End up leh, she keep repeating, "How I knowww!" "Waalaoeh, I so long never come already"

Aiksh, but whatever it is, all this shit didnt make us unhappy at all!
We turned this entire "unpleasent" experience into a game like experience.
Like, walking around a "map" in the game just to look for 1 pathetic "golem". HAHAH.
Its fun la, ultimately, its fun. Hahahha. 

I hope you guys did enjoy your CNY too!

Lots of loves,

Photo credits!!