Friday 21 March 2014

Harkworking Singapore Bloggers

Tada tada tada tada, Yomi's world~ 
*Use the elmo's world's tune* 

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Recently I've been browsing through blogs and I feel super duper lazy compared to other people who blogs. 
Even though blogging is a passion, passion takes time as well. 
School life is hectic and I think it's very difficult for me to even post up something once a month. 
A month just flies, two months just passes and pooof 1 year is over.  

I read, @ BenVoda's Blog -
& Uncletehpeng's Blog 

I can't believe my eyes on how hardworking these people can be! > < 
Blogging every now and then, taking pictures, adorning themselves and advertising!
Moreover, they have their own personal life and work... 

Just to say, actually blogging takes a lot of effort. 
Perhaps, read this post that I blogged back then in 2011 xP 

Yeaps, so when I saw Don, Ben, Miya, Tehpeng blogging so much with so many pretty pictures, I can't help but feel extremely guilty. 

Apart from that, I really thank God that you guys still continue to read my blog. 
This year is my A levels year and academics is still my priority despite my urge to continue writing as much as before! 

So... do read back on that post! 

Thank you for reading! Buhbyes.

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