Monday 23 June 2014

Barossa Dining @ Esplanade

Starting this post by sharing something funny from Celeste Chen (that I saw on FB):

Although I don't fancy clubbing, but I think I would become the "Over Dramatic Dancer" LOL. 
To be damn honest cause I really can't dance for nuts. 

Alright, jokes aside, I shall blog about my dinner "date" @ Barossa
I think this is the 5th time (I think) I've bought these vouchers.
The first time was from Groupon and after that was from then now I got it from Voucherlicious.
The original price is about... SGD45.90++
But I only got the voucher at SGD30-35 
(depending on the seasonal promotions)

I loved the free-flow wine and steak and I would recommend you guys to visit.
However, warning beforehand, if you love good food you may choose not to go to the Esplanade outlet.
Yeah, it was my first time there that night and I regretfully left though the ambience at Esplanade mall was better.

To make up for it, I bought some chocolates from Chocz to cheer me up! Yipee~

I have always had the buffet at the Holland Village outlet and the food is awesome there.
The one at Esplanade was a total "mehh". 

I went to the Esplanade outlet cause the phone for the Holland Village outlet was busy all the time.
I guess their business must be blooming over there.

Here's the official website for Barossa:


I also took this chance to snap a few pictures of my beautiful homeland! > <
I realise that many of us always take our surroundings for granted.
Seldom would one stop and see what's really around them.

Singapore is a place of the Arts and I am truely inspired by the Art pieces,
be it in the MRT stations or anywhere else like the Suntec city.
Everywhere is amazing.

Food for thought,
Why not try to take a break and stop to take a look how beautiful our city is?

See you guys back here real soon! :D


  1. Its a place with artsy architectural building, built for the high tiered people. What i'm trying to say is, if you are an aspiring artist, there is no way for an artist to survive in Singapore, maybe a very small to nothing of minority. Which is a pity.

    1. This is very true, I have to agree, Despite Singapore's attempt to promote the Arts, it seems to leave no space for local talents. All Singapore is doing is simply attracting those talents who already has clout and fame, then attract tourists to come and look a those pieces, then taking credits for it. Thank you for your input (:

  2. LOL@ at the video, haha. The chocolates look delicious! Is there something inside?

    1. Yes! Hahah, There caramel and marshmallow! It taste super sweet! I had to bring them home and enjoy them with tea, haha. Its too overwhelming even with my sweet tooth. > <

    2. Aww haha. But I love having sweets alongside something bitter like tea or coffee! Best combos ever :P

    3. Yes, I love it that way too!