Sunday 22 June 2014

Pretty things don't last, do they?

Why do people say that pretty things don't last? 

Do pretty women grow old become no longer pretty?
Do flora wilt away and loses its vibrancy?
Do rainbows show up and and disappear the next moment?
Do happiness fade away so fast that no one can catch them again?

Do pretty relationships wilt away and lose its vibrancy just like the flora, showing up and disappear the next moment just like the rainbow, fading away and lose sight like the happy moments or grow old and become no longer pretty like women?

Some may perhaps, come into conclusion that pretty things do not last because it is part of nature. Beautiful things become no longer attractive after time wears them away.

While some feel that this is part of natural cycle, simply, because God wants us to treasure the happy moments we have today.

When we see a rainbow, we can't help but to think "when will be see them again?".
When we lose a person, we can't help but to think "why our time had got to be so short?".

That may be the exactly why we (as rational human beings) choose to believe that we should treasure what we have now and, so, not to regret when we lose them in the future.

I've seen many people's life twirling into the cyclone of heart-aching relationships, I've seen friendships die off as easy as a summer break is due, I've seen many many temporal "beauty" lose it's attractiveness...
It seems to be a best plan to start treasuring a relationship, before things start to fade away.

Yet, now that I look back in time and think about why pretty things don't last,
I choose not to blame the nature of temporal beauty.

A pretty woman can grow old and lose her attractiveness, but if she chooses to build her inner beauty, she can still be as strong and "pretty" even as age comes along.

Flowers wilt away and lose its vibrancy, but through the different seasons, flowers will start to bloom again. The beauty of these flowers depends on how we take care of them, how we choose to plant them, grow them and nurture them.

Rainbows come and go, but after it rains, we can search for another beautiful rainbow to seek for its beauty once again.

Happy moments may be fleeting, but if we choose to come up with plans to preserve these moments and make every one of them count, it may pain us more when we lose them but the memories will stay with us until our final breath.

Just as the above, a relationship can be salvaged if we put in the effort.

We have to treasure every bit of the beautiful memory so as to remember how it felt like.
The "plant" will bloom into its past glory once again.
Similarly, to garden the relationship we need enormous amount of effort which many choose not to take up the challenge. They allow circumstances to limit them.

So, the question boils down to whether we love the moment enough to try sustain them?

Not many people will choose to do so as it's "too difficult" to brave their circumstance and rather let go of the relationship.

"Letting go is the easiest way out."

I think I will stop writing here for today,
I pray that this will be a reminder to myself as well as a food for thought for others who  may struggle with the same issues as I do.

I choose to garden these flora and capture the next rainbow, how about you? 

Signing off,

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