Friday 28 November 2014

Kiyomi in Hong Kong (Part 1)

Hi everyone. 

*I needed to post a disclaimer before I start typing this post & the reason is self-explanatory*

Disclaimer: I'm honestly a bad traveler and I get lost most of the time, I end up in places that I'm unsure of and I do not know where are the exact address or location of the places I went to. I guess, I can't be cut out to be a travel blogger but what I can do is post stuffs about what I did there (T____T)...

Just before typing this post, I was telling my friend how lousy I am as someone who wanna blog and give people information. I was telling him, "OMG, I am looking at these pictures but I cannot remember where these pictures were taken or even which hotel I stayed in!"
Well, kkay, I believe that I stayed in this hotel called Carlton or something. > < 

I'm also very very very guilty for delaying this post.
Because... the trip was dated wayyyyyy long ago.
I guess, I went on this trip when I was still having my JC Term Holidays in December 2013.

Hmmm, almost a year had passed...

This is my trip part 1 because these are mainly the things I did in Hong Kong mainland!
The part 2 will be more of my Macau journey~

So yeap! Here goes~

Beginning: On the plane...

Yeap, plane checklist:
  • Bears
  • Tibits
  • Snacks
  • Food
  • Smiley Thumb
  • Beautiful clouds

Secondly: Food


Honestly, I think that
  • Egglets
  • Porridge
  • Goose Meat
  • Pigeon
  • Carrot cake
  • Dim Sum (at some random restaurant is good enough)
  • Fish Egg Curry (Fish balls that taste different from Singapore's)
  • Random Street Food
Are must-tries in Hong Kong! Don't miss them if you see them on the streets!

Thirdly: Mass Transit Railway

I think it's the cheapest mode of transport there and also the best way to commute in Hong Kong~




Fourth: Shopping Centers with their decos!

Well, you won't find cheap deals here but no harm looking at these pretty decorations in town!
They have special cafes planted there too, many many branded goods.

Fifth: Places where TV Shows are filmed all the time

I find the most interesting thing at the pier is the softee ice cream! Haha.
Till today, I still miss it, especially in that cold weather!

Sixth: Random mini boat across the pier to the CBD in Hong Kong.

Seventh: The cool wired buses that I forgot it's exact name

I enjoyed the ride because the buses were so antique yet so functional!
The road kinda allowed me to look at the varying progress in different growth poles in Hong Kong. I guess, it's a perk for a geography student like me! > <

Eighth: Streets @ Night

Hope the pictures does some justice to the country! 

Haha, yep, & if you can see, I'd rather tour Hong Kong by blending into the crowd
than to visit those museums and other attractions in the country.
The "attractions" may be attractive, but it doesnt attract me as of yet.
I like to experience their lifestyle as an observer of the society
than to place myself elsewhere. 

I will definitely visit Hong Kong again. (:


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