Wednesday 17 December 2014

No contact lenses = No life

Hello people. 

Like legit seriously, recently have been so bad for me!
I fell sick like... 3 times? and I got this really bad eye infection due to contact lens use (T__T)


This is me. Without lenses and make-up. Super ugly. But whatever. (T^T)

Basically, I got this infection from an injury concerning my cornea. 
I think some kind of abrasion injured my eye and got infected
causing a condition called cornea ulcer!

The doctor say that it's something that contact lens users are prone to...
So people, please take care of your eyes. 
If not... it may cause blindness too! 
*super scary*

Well... I was told to stop using lenses for 3 months or so!
I already couldn't take it after 3 days. 
I was suffering from contact lens withdrawal symptoms ba > < 

Whatever it is, it doesn't stop me from going out with my friends, hohoho! 

I ended up looking like this~ > < hais!

Yep, I'll stop here for today. 
Will talk more here tomorrow. 
Finally updating as per normal again! 

I miss you.