Tuesday 10 February 2015

Catribal - Singapore


Recently chanced upon Catribal Singapore on 
Instagram @catribal http://instagram.com/catribal
Apparently they have a facebook too! 

Shikes, the earrings are just too freaking cute for me to shut up and suck it up. 
I went to search more images of these earrings on instagram 
and decided to browse their official site at http://catribal.com/ 

The earrings are super sweet. 
Omg. Just look at those cats > < 
The interface they use for ordering is easy.. 
so, easy interface = temptation & impulse for people like me!

So... guess what I bought it. HAHA. 

I have really sensitive skin so I need to make sure that the materials used are good too. 
So here is what their website says:
"The posts on Catribal's earrings and studs are either made of Titanium or .925 Silver; both of which are light, strong and hypoallergenic metal commonly used in jewellery making. Hypoallergenic posts are perfect for those with sensitive skin because they are nickel free and will not provoke skin allergies."

So yeap, expensive (legittttt expensive) but cute earrings for me! Yays! 

Are you going to grab your unqiue Catribal too?


  1. This is not Catribal, this is Catmade :)
    Catribal bought earrings here: www.etsy.com/shop/catmadecom
    and resold under a different name.

  2. Yep, the original maker for these adorable cats is Catmade (Just bought one last year from their Etsy shop!) Was quite disappointed when Catribal / Lollah didn't make a mention of the maker at all (at least somewhere in the product description). :(