Tuesday 10 February 2015

Chinese New Year (CNY) Nails - Self-proposed

Here's my CNY nails self-proposed (DIY). HAHA. 

I was in office, and my computer was lagging 
so I took out a base coat, 2 colours (red and black), 1 Gwen's glitter, a rapid dry top coat 
and started "designing" my nails. Haha.
(Psssst, all from OPI because I am a fan of OPI and dare not try other nail polishes)

I think I was rather out of my mind because the nail polish's stench wrecked my office...
& I was thinking that I won't can caught playing with nail lacquers! LOL.
Well~ I didnt get caught tho, really lucky, or prolly they knew but just couldn't be bothered. 

Teehee, so will you guys be doing your own nails as well?
Just a short post for today, will be back tomorrow! See ya! 


  1. I actually really like L’Oreal nail polish! My friend just introduced it to me, and I think they work pretty well~ Also, L’Oreal's nail polishes are 5-free, and if I'm not mistaken, OPI is only 3-free (although I really do like OPI too!!)?


    1. Haha, I havent tried L'Oreal nail lacquers yet~ but I would if I have the chance to! OPI gives me more choices I guess, they have lots of new/old/classic collection and colours that allows me to choose what I like for certain occasions! I changed my colour again~ now it's the hawaii "go with the lava flow" that is glowly red. Really nice colours that I dont see from L'Oreal even though they might have better formulas! Haha.