Sunday 8 February 2015

Fitness First (Singapore) Passport Membership

Ello all~ 
(speaking with the twister tongue accent

I feel so fat ALL THE TIME
and now I am thinking whether I should jump on the trend
to buy SkinnyMint 28-day Teatox to Jian feii (lose weight)! 

Worsezxzxz, I cannot control my diet > < 
I eat eat eat and eat when I am stressed. 
(who can identify with me?)

This thick toast with Ice Cream alone is about 650 kcals in total. Which is half of your daily kcal energy spent already!

So... I joined Fitness First in January 2015. Haha.
Honestly, till date, I only went for 2 lessons and spent my other days running on the threadmill.
I got tired of running in air con, and so now a days I started jogging in the park again. 
Well, I guess, I will keep running in the park and my gym membership should be for other purposes like utilising the gym equipments or going for lessons~ 

TBH, I enjoyed myself at the lessons!

If anyone of you actually works around raffles area/ raffles city area, the Fitness First there actually provides exercising clothes and towels, you just have to bring yourself and a pair of shoes. 

So, you may want to consider getting the membership to keep yourself disciplined like me! Haha.

Shhho, how much is Fitness First Gym Membership?

My passport gym membership costs $168 a month and I took the 1 year package.
The membership fee is deducted by GIRO/Visa monthly. So you don't have to pay a lump sum.

I always visit AMK's outlet so if you bump into me some time, 
don't forget to say hi! :D

Passport membership means that you can visit all their outlets!
You may wanna check out 


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