Saturday 7 February 2015

JJ Thai (Sembawang) - Review

Ello all, I'm back to talk about food. 
I always walk around the sembawang area to find food. 
Haha, and I happened to come across the "newly" opened JJ Thai.
Well, then I did a google search on JJ Thai la, like what most of you do also right?
I saw that they have another outlet and the review is not bad. 

& I have decided to try. Hahah, explains this post as well. 

Shhho, hows the food? 
Honestly, the food is not bad, the taste is really strong.
You can taste like all the spices inside their food.
The chef is a Thai too, so there is a certain level of authenticity as of Feb 2015.

Shhho, hows the price?
HAHA, it is expensive la deyy. 
Okay, not that expensive but its an air conditioned "area" 
and considering the quality of food, the price is ok as well. 

Shhho, hows the service and cleanliness?
TBH, cleanliness is not bad, the service is good too. 

Shhh, hows the overall rating?
The food is not bad (worth trying), the price is not too--- overly priced,
the cleanliness is good and service is nice.

Final verdict: 
Not worth travelling but worth trying if you are around that area.

JJ Thai (Sembawang) 
Address: 8 Jalan Legundi #01-10 S759274 
Tel: 6484 4110

Opening hours - 
Sun to Thu: 1000 - 2200
Fri & Sat: 1000 - 2300

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