Tuesday 2 June 2015

New life station

Just wondering how many of you are having the same dilemma as I?
Soon, I will be moving on to a new life station and no longer at where I am/was.
My 21st birthday is approaching this September 2015 and it feels so unreal.
I feel like I am in some kind of limbo. > <

Sometimes I would feel so excited for this new life journey, but there are also times where I feel like I've grown up and can no longer be as "crazy", or "immature" like before.
Yeah, growing is (and should be) a natural process.

Well, I hate pondering upon this kind of thing because no matter how much time I sit here to think about what I am about to do/ face, nothing would change anyway.

I remember being so excited about blogging, having to meet new people and networking etc.
But, keyword: Remember.
Which also connotes that I "used-to".
I now feel like I've lost some kind of drive to blog like how I was. I have grown to think twice before everything I post/say and think twice before I choose to behave in a certain way.
People who remember who I was usually wonder why is there such a big change in me.
Yet, people I have met lately wonder what made me what I am now.
Contradictory isn't it?

I guess, this is just life. Nothing more than this word: Life.

Life is all about change; and cheers to the only thing that doesn't change, is change.
This the philosophy (which answers) to the paradox of life.

Well, I'm choosing to have an awkward end to this post because I don't see anything much to talk about. Hm, maybe I will come across something interesting again and blog about it.

Thanks for reading this ironic post, hope you don't consider this a waste of 5 mins. 

Good-bye and we will meet again.

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