Monday 1 June 2015

Mono Preview: Summer all year round.

Today, I took a break from my busy schedule as it is a public holiday.
Yays to Vesak day tho it isn't a day to celebrate for me.

Well, out of all the accumulated stress at work, I had to relief myself a little.
Hence, I brought my camera and tripod, set it on self-timer and took "selfies" in the park.

In Singapore, we don't really call this time of the year a "Summer Break" because it's summer here all year round. 
Yeaps, living here may seem convenient, but being under the hot sun all the time
No thanks.

Here is a preview of the photos I've taken today. Hope you stay tuned. 

I'm not those skinny kinda girl where you will get to see sexy legs or a pretty face.
I'm not super chubby that I can make a bold fashion statement out of.
I may look bulkier at some angles and slimmer at certain levels.
I'm just a common Asian girl with common body size and shape.

(you may click on the photos to enlarge)

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