Friday 11 December 2015

December's Haul from Sasa

Welcome back to my blog~ 

Sasa is having a promotion this december (not sure when it ends)
but if you choose to spend above $150 you get to receive a SASA international VIP card
for free!

Well, this December, I've decided not to on too bombastic kinda make-up plan or style...
Feel like keeping it simple and kinda like 'back-to-the-basics'

So as you can see,

I've gotten the 


the Balm foundation cause its on discount and it doesn't smell too chemical-ish~
& If you have been with me for a long time, you would know I love the Balm's products!

& Next, the Rouge from Bourjois 

Review on the Rouge Edition from Bourjois as seen in the very first image above, 
colour number I took is '32' Rose Vanity.

Its semi-matte (but I find it really matte) and it really do last quite long.
Although unlike lipstains, it does comes off when you eat or drink, but if you dont,
it would prolly stay on as long as it could. 

I love it~ > < 
Currently using it everyday, even on plain look. 

The mainstream but useful MyBeautyDiary's mask

I have really sensitive skin but...
this product is proved to be useful! ^ ^ 

& Some nail tools to be kept in Hall (my hostel room in NTU)

Cuz personal grooming is stillz very importantz~

& Lastly, back to the basics bottom lashes! 

Dolly Wink no.14 is the most natural looking eyelashes I've seen in the market
apart from those that you have to stick them on one by one.

It has a transparent lash bone and its really really really~ easy to put on. 
My Dolly Wink craze haven't died down since 2013! ^ ^ 

That is about it for this post!
Have fun shopping this December~ 

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