Thursday 10 December 2015

Kiyomi 'n' Burger King [Gourmeji Burger Series]

Starting off this post with the an awkward title placement on my selfie.
While editing this picture, I forgot to zoom out and tot that I was placing the title at the bottom of the picture but... well, it turned out like this, who cares. 
(Cuz I didnt save a photoshop file, so I cant be bothered to edit) 

Well, I'm not the main 'character' of the show but instead, this post is for the Gourmeji Burger. 

Do you know why is it called the Gourmeji burger? 
Itz cuz, there Shimeji mushrooms in the burger! 

Tada, this is the Shimeji Mushroom. 

Erm, okay can, its from Japan and seems atas right! 
But let me tell you, this made the burger taste awesomer than the usual mushroom swiss.
The mushroom is super crunchy and the texture of the burger is just so superb
and so.... asian. > < 
But the most important thing is, it tastes good.

There is also this new tomato shaker fries that taste sweet and unique~ Heh heh. 

Ending off with my new friend, Pupuren
I read through her blog and I legit love her photos and daring style.
She's such an artsy person! Me likey~ 
Well, we talked about anime and our love for Japan on the way home.
So do check her out! ^ ^

Lastly, thanks OMY.SG for the invite ~ 

That is all and do stop by Burger King for your Gourmeji Burger! 

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