Thursday 17 December 2015

Top 2 manga(s) of December 2015

As I'm writing this now, my head is splitting into 2 and I'm not very sure why. Urks. 
Probably dehydrated from the sun tanning during inter hall sports game in NTU ~ 

Welcome to Lazy December

I love Decembers as no matter rain or shine, 
Secondary School. Junior College. Polytechnic. University
It's the season of break again! 

The Top 2 must read manga are the following: 


Don't be fooled by the cool action looking poster we have here.
This manga is filled with humor and laughter. 
Many of you might not know, but the main character, 

Saitama is a parody of Anpanman 
also known as 面包超人.

Anpan is a kind of bread in Japan 
whereas Tama is a short form of Egg (Tamago) in Japanese.

Hence, its the egg man vs bread man! Haha! 
Here's a better poster to show the other side of Saitama.

I'm also suspecting the title to have a parallel reference to One Piece too!
Since the plot has a somewhat "similar" idea but I prefer One Punch Man~ Hehs.

Sorry for the low quality but yes, the constant is probably Genos.
Genos is the cyborg over there that may look cool but is really really young!

I will not spoil this manga for you and you should probably google the english translated version of this manga right now. 

Its available in Anime as well. 
As of now, its still an ongoing series ^^ 


Noblesse on its own has their own version of vampires and werewolves.
It may seem like a common vampire series but fret not, whether you are a vampire myth lover or not,
it is not those about common romance theme.

Instead, if you are looking for some romance here, you might be disappointed.
Noblesse is a Korean Manga Series.

I'm not a fan of Korea's style/fashion/anything you can talk about,
but I am genuinely surprised by what this manga series delivers.
No worries, I'm no convert, but look, try this manga out and be presently surprise.

A good work is a good work, no differentiation of which country it comes from.

Noblesse discusses a much deeper meaning into what we commonly think as outdated,
the Noblesse Oblige (noh-bee-les o-bli-jeh)

Where Noblesse Oblige, in a more literature term, 
refers to the higher class having the burden on the lower classes 
and feel like they have a greater responsibility towards the society. 
This is also used much more in the western genres, challenging the myths of the olden days Europe.

Hence, Noblesse is used in a different light (although some similarities) but on a total different class and a total different species living on Earth.

There are many fighting scenes with POW POW POW~! 
But also some comic relief in some parts of the manga.

My head is really painful now, so I shall stop writing here.
I hope you all have fun reading these series.

Feel free to e-mail me or comment on this post, 
and share with me what you feel about the series after reading them!

See-yah~ Jyah!


  1. Omg I finally got down to watching One Punch Man! It's my new favourite but but there's only 12 eps...?!?! T^T
    Need to read the manga pronto. Thanks for introducing this awesome series!

    1. HEHEE~ YAYYY! If I see any nice ones I recommend to you again ok!!! ^^