Sunday 20 December 2015

Hair Inc @ Serangoon Gardens


Have y'all heard of Hair Inc yet? 
Hair Inc specialises in Hair Colour treatment & only uses the best brands in town.
Brands used by Hair Inc includes, Olaplex, Mucota, Pravana and Aloxxi~
These colours and hair treatments are hardly found in neighbourhood areas as they are too costly.
But these are the products that are essential in keeping your hair safe and healthy~
Esp if you do colouring a lot!

So what does Olaplex does?
Well, you may have heard of this miracle product. 
It helps to maintain your hair integrity by ensuring your hair bonds are not broken during chemical treatments like colouring, bleaching, rebonding and/or perming.

What is Aloxxi?
Aloxxi was from Nexus, a really good brand that specialises in hair colour.
It has quick treatments that will leave your hair strong after colouring, bleaching, rebonding and/or perming too. Aloxxi also has its very own colours that you will love.
Jameson (a stylist @ Hair Inc) specialises in using Aloxxi to create creative colours on your hair that cannot be easily achieved at other salons!  

I did my hair @ Hair Inc a few weeks back and I bleached my hair quite a few times!
I had to bleach as I wanted my hair colour to fade off to a vintage violet colour. 
(& Yes it did, but my camera and phone could not capture the current colour, sobs T^T)

As you can see, I had 2 colour tones on my hair.
TBH, my hair was purple, but my camera could not capture it.

Super upset with my camera but I legit love my hair colour ^ ^
Moreover, my hair still feels strong and smooth after bleaching.. Heh...

You will need to make an appointment days beforehand with Jameson
because he is really really busy!
You can follow him on Instagram to see more of his work @Jameson_Coiffure 
(Oooopsy, prepare tissue kkay, dont drool over his works!)

I can't wait to see your hair after its being done by Jameson @ Hair Inc.
You can share your experience with me via e-mail or tag me on instagram @Kiyomilim 
after you've done your hair there! 

See y'all ~

Hair Inc.
4A Kensington Park Road,
Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 577256

Telphone: +65 6487 4778

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