Tuesday 8 March 2016

Discretionary Admission and Non-Academic Achievements, DA/NAA

What to write for discretionary admission?
Does discretionary admission really help?
Will there be an interview?
What kind of questions will they ask if I'm shortlisted?
What is DA / NAA ?
Da / naa what does it mean ?

Well, I get a lot of questions on this from my friends lately.
& Since I'm too lazy to talk about anything else, I don't mind sharing a piece of my pie to you guys.

So here's what you need to know about 
Discretionary Admission/ Non-academic Achievements a.k.a DA / NAA  

1. Do I have to fill up this portion? 

Okay, back to the point of using Zueet as a tool to look at the chances of you getting into your preferred course.


If you are borderline, and you are dying to get into the course, please do fill it up.
If you are far beyond borderline, you can still try if you have really outstanding achievements.

You will be completely safe if your IGP is higher than the COP.

2. Does DA / NAA really help?

Absolutely yes, for NTU at least.
Personally, with my experience with NUS, SMU and NTU during my application period, the school that respected the students (well, me) the most is probably NTU.

Like I mentioned, they look through your application with due respect and scrutiny at the same time.
This is hardly seen in other schools.

To be honest with you, "Singapore M***** *********y" even overlooked my application and only called me for an interview only during the deadline for accepting the University posting, and how can I forsake my posting to NTU on that very day? Moreover, my results were above its COP.

3. What do I fill in here? First person or third person? 

Personally, I filled in based on a first person perspective, be it my essay or my achievements.
I believe that it does help if there is a personal touch into what you fill in.
This is especially true for NTU applications because they really look into every application very carefully (based on my own experience).

However, I would urge you to be honest in this portion, you will need supporting documents and also you will need to go through a strict examination from the interviewers.

4. Will there be an interview?

As mentioned above, yes.

5. What kind of questions will they ask if I'm shortlisted? 

As for my own interview for Accountancy, they asked me a lot on what I learnt, and how I felt about my achievements. Sometimes they can really ask something out of the box and what determines your admission isn't your knowledge but probably the insights you are able to derive from them on the spot.

However, some interviewers would be more lenient and ask you more on why you are so passionate about the course, which you have written in your essay to them in the beginning.

Also, almost every interview comes with an essay. Do take note of the time while you're doing it!

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment below! 
Hope this helps~

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