Monday 7 March 2016

NTU or NUS Business School?

Let me establish that I'm from Nanyang Business School (NBS) Accountancy.


First consideration criteria,


Yes, it may sound stupid for me to talk about this, but this the the most important deciding tool of which school to go to. 

Here's a link to the calculator:

Your RP does makes a difference.
If you're lower than borderline (using the grade without MT), 
then I would say just filter out that school... 

However, the IGP and GPA does not show how good the school/course is.
This is because the quantity of the intake is different.

Why so?

NUS Business Sch COP is

School of Business
Business AdminAAA/CAAA/A
Business Admin (Accountancy)AAA/AAAA/A

Which translates to: 
Minimum of 82.5 RP for B.BA and 85 for B.BA (Major in Acc)

or the following GPA

School of Business
Business Admin3.853.98
Business Admin (Accountancy)3.874.00

Whereas NBS COP is

Which translates to:
Minimum of 78.75 RP for B.BA and 82.5 RP for B.Acc

or the following GPA


Why is this important? 

This will help you to understand YOUR competitors and the competition within the school.
It helps you measure where you stand.
If you are confident and comes from a school where everyone scores about this RP or GPA, you would probably get use to the competition relatively quickly.
However, if you're from a school where you almost topped the cohort, 
you should consider somewhere that you would feel more comfortable to be in. 

Second consideration criteria,

Years of study.
3 or 4?

First of all, you need to know that both school needs you to go through basic business modules.
So there is not much difference in content.
However, what is different is in how to courses are formulated. 

For NBS, they could achieve a 3 year curriculum from its formulation of its modules in courses.
Basically, you're learning the same stuffs but in a shorter time.

Moreover, both schools have class participation marks and it can go up to 15% of your course grade.
So both schools are as demanding in their curriculum.

So if you would like to spend a longer time in uni, feel free to do so.

However, I would advice not to.
Its torturing to be in University.

p.s. running off point a little: 
if you're choosing Business or Accountancy, the advice whereby your teacher tells you, 
"Uni is easier than JC" will NOT apply to you. 

Third consideration criteria, 

Campus Life 

NTU offers a great deal of Halls (hostels) that are independent.
Just like NUS. 
Both campuses are well equipped.

However, if you were to come to NTU, 
Welcome to the "Pulau NTU-U~". 
*Sings with Hotel California music*

If you like solitude, hates attention while travelling, love roaming around a no-man's-land.
NTU would be a good choice for you. 

Whereas, if you prefer a campus that is less isolated and closer to civilization, 
please consider NUS instead.

Third consideration criteria (if you're choosing Accountancy),

This is rather straight-forward~
The Bachelor Degree.

B.BA(Acc) or B.Acc

That's not just for the novelty of it where BAcc sounds more specialised.

Here's from wiki (which you can find a better source, I'm just lazy)

The B.Acc. is extremely specialized: the curriculum requires study sufficient for professional practice (often at the major-level) in financial accountingmanagement accountingauditing, and taxation. The curriculum also includes intermediate coursework in business law and economics, and general coverage of management theory, and business mathematics and -statistics. The degree is thus not to be confused with a B.B.A. in Accounting or B.Com. in Accounting, which are general business degrees with accounting as an area of concentration.

Due to the nature of the B.Acy., it is a professional degree course that not many universities actually offer. In the United States, it is likely to be a four-year undergraduate degree. In other parts of the world, such as Singapore, it can be a three-year undergraduate degree course as well.

My own story:

I got offered both NTU BAcc and NUS BBA.
However, I chose BAcc over BBA because I loved Accountancy!

Other things I considered was the hall life and quiet weekends that I will enjoy if I stay in.

If you're worried about the "name" of NTU and NUS, where NUS sounds cooler,
that's really superficial. Heh~

Oh wells. Thats all for my post and if you have any further questions.
Feel free to leave your comment below.


  1. Hi,
    so tough....meaning double degree Accountancy and Business would be HELL?
    btw, were you offered NTU scholarship?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      ACBS (the term for double degree in NTU), is very very competitive and HELL is probably a good word to use.
      The thing is ACBS students are not in a class on their own but instead, they are taking up both modules of acc and biz.
      In such a case, it means that they will be competing with people who are mainly focused on either acc or biz while they are trying to manage both.
      My friends who are in ACBS (there are really quite a few of them since our classes are mixed) have been complaining about how tough it is.
      But nonetheless, if you want to standout you will have to sacrifice, its more like a make it or break it choice in you wanna be in ACBS.

      I did not apply for NTU scholarship as I felt that my results were not good enough. I doubt that I would have gotten shortlisted anyway. Yep.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. All the best in NTU! >.< Saying this as my friend has been sharing with me about her time at the exact same course. 3 years may seem good because you get through things fast, but that also means added stress for the heavier workload and content to be taken in during the 3 years. I would have recommended NUS Biz because the 4 years actually help to pace everything out very nicely (and tbh uni is really fun, I'm not from NUS Biz but I'm from NUS Engineering and I love it!) but I reckon NTU Accountancy has really nice ppl so I'm sure you'll have a good time nonetheless! Go for all the camps!

    1. Sure! Thank you so much! Rock on in Uni! You'll have to meet fun people to have fun tho!

  3. Hi! Would like to ask if I stand a chance at NTU acc/ NUS biz with a score of BBB/A GP A PW A RP: 82.5. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi, omg, I'm so busy with submissions and mid terms. Its finally OVER! Haha. Are you already being called for an interview? I think you do stand a good chance!

  4. I am offered biz in ntu, nus and smu but I can't decide which to choose.. do you have any advice?

    1. Hihi! It really depends on your character and what kind of environment you like! If youre seeking a fast track, go for NTU, if you are looking for people interactions and PR, SMU is good. Whereas NUS is a place where you can have fun more and a more spaced out curriculum and active school activities.

  5. Hi! It's the second last day before I have to decide my university choice (and alas, the scholarship too) and I'm glad I read your blog post. I guess it kinda made my mind up. Just wanna say thanks, and hope you do well with your undergrad studies! :D