Friday 6 October 2017

Flowers for chasing a girl

Wondering what to buy to surprise your special one?
Or thinking of placing something to spice up your little nest?

A Better Florist is here to help. 

They have beautiful flowers that can be sent within 90 minutes on the same day.

Here is something that I have received from them!

The Spring Breeze

The most important thing that I look out for in buying flowers is definitely whether the flowers look like how it has been displayed online. 
No one likes to buy something and receive something different, or worse, inferior

As the picture can speak on its own, the flowers did manage to look mostly similar to the one displayed on their website. You can't expect the flowers to look 100% the same but it is at least bringing out the feel of having a lil' spring breeze at home isn't it? 

To be most honest... I really like how it compliments my room. 

You may not have guessed that these flowers are actually taken 3 days after the flowers were delivered to me. 

It came with a set of instructions that said you could refresh these flowers once every 3 days to keep them fresh. I am not exactly sure for how long you can store them but you can definitely check with them by calling on their number in the website. 

They are based in Singapore 
and so not to worry about toll charges > < 

Read more about them and follow their blog here:

I hope you like these flowers as much as I do. 

See you next time guys, jyaa-ne.

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