Friday 21 October 2011

Kiyomi loves dressing up with a watch ! ( ^ ^ ) /

& yes yes yes, you did not read the title wrongly. Kiyomi loves dressing up with a watch !

Hehe, see the full view of the style as you read below ! ^^

Chang(Fa) chang(Mi) chang(Ray) chang(Do)....

Teehee, I am going to show you all how a watch can go well with my style / dressing today in this post !

The pictures will be spread throughout this whole post so you all will get to see how I match my beloved watch with my style of the day !

So... Spot my watch, see my style.

I hope you like the style while you read my post on why I love dressing up with a watch !

Enjoy !

I have been buying Baby-G watches since I was in P3.. WA! That was like ... 8 years already! I must be a Baby-G fan!

So 1stly I'm so gonna cover on why I love dressing up then 2ndly I'm gonna talk about why with a watch.
*I'm keeping your heart itchy to know why! >.< So keep reading !

Ok, basically I don't really know what other people feel about dressing up,
but I am positive about my reasons !

When I was younger, I really hate dressing up. I find it a chore at that time as you will have to take out countless apparels to mix and match then be late for appointments if you are in a hurry.
*Fine.. So at that time I felt that dressing up is a watse of time ok?!

The good thing about why I like Baby-G it's also because they are water resistant till can wear to swim and bath! Super convenient. This one = got looks also got use = not bimbotic. LOL.

My waredrobe was filled with Polo Tees!
I guess even a guy's waredrobe would have much more variety of apparels than mine manzxzxzxz. LOL.

Something really changed me when I was in Secondary 2 (14 years old).
Someone came to me and asked me if I was in financial difficulty. Zzz. I asked the person what makes her think so, and she told me it was because I was wearing the same clothes at least once every week.
*To come to think of it, I had so much more savings when I didn't dress up! LOL! Just kidding!

I came to realised that almost everyone around me dresses up and look kind of cool.

THENTHENTHEN, the worst part happened, I went into a shop and started buying loads of T-Shirts and some 3/4 pants.
I seriously thought that I was being clever and I could dress up with all those pathetic clothes !
I wore them out & the response from my friends around me was, "WA, recently you into aunty fashion?"

Yeah, my heart BROKE/SHATTERED. Was my "dress up" THAT bad?!!!!
*O.k. fine, it was. -______-lll 

Finally you got a glance at my dressing with my watch ! How is it?! Casual but nice hor? *Shucks BHB.

Then here came my "saver", I was introduced to A MAGAZINE !
It's called Popteen ! It's a Japanese magazine that talks about Fashion and Make-up !

I was in AWE of the models in the magazine, their styles were awesome.
The best thing was, they do not blindly follow fashion they create fashion and I was very inspired by them thus, I started exploring into my world of fashion without blindly following the magazine or the model's style.

To me now, Fashion is Me, I am Fashion, I want to move with the trend in my own way.

My dress up style was originated from Japanese magazines, so obviously I will still have the "feel" of the Japanese fashion in my style and make-up.

While I explore in the world of Fashion to get inspirations, I asked myself how do I "modify" these styles into myself which makes me.
There was this question that came to me,
"Do I make my own style or ask myself what is my own style?".

Both choices would make me unique and would make me myself right? I chose the 2nd option.
I asked myself, what is my style. The thing that came to me, after thinking in contradiction to myself, was that my style is supposed to be me. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it's that my style should be what I feel comfortable in and something that shows people who I am as well as what is my character. 

After exploring and knowing how I want to look and "what is me", I started asking myself this,
"Why do I love dressing up? & For who do I dress up for?"

After a while after I stop thinking about it, my answer just came to me naturally.
It was, "I cannot stop dressing up, I dress up for myself to let everyone know me with simply one look".

Dressing up shows people my personality. Dressing up shows my mood.  

My way of dressing changes with my mood, I do have a fixed fashion line but not a fixed style. I style and dress up myself according to how I feel that day.

Ok, I should start talking about why do I like to dress up with a watch as an accessory

I wasn't someone who's good at matching watches with my style when I first started dressing up. Plus! I had a habit of wearing watches on my wrist since young and without it, I will feel really empty and weird.
I will look at my wrist thinking that it's there when it's not so ... hehe.

I remember wearing really cutesy apparels that day and I was matching it with a black watch Zzz.
It was for a photoshoot and the photographer totally.... gave me that -___- face when he saw me wearing it =/ and that was when I feel that it is important to match the design of your watch to what you wear on the particular day!

I started to be more aware of how to match watches to my style and everything so.. hehe, I am an expert now!
Ask me if you don't know what watch to match your clothes that day!
*Just kidding....

Wearing a watch is important to me !
I like keeping track of time where ever I am so that I will not be late for appointments.

Watches shows your personality depending on their designs too.

Sometimes you may not want to dress up too "fanciful-ly" and just want to look casual, a watch can bring out your style, character and your mood too !

So lets start dressing up with your watch !! Yay ! ^^

*Psssst... and I really wanna win a new Baby-G watch! 
Prays hard & lets all continue to support Baby-G and Casio! Hehe.


  1. I love your lenses x3 and you look awesome! :D You remind me when I was younger, I used to hate wearing skirts and would always wear jeans. Even though I had long hair, I was kinda on the tomboyish side. But I woke up one day and decided that I would be more girly because I wanted to dress well for myself. Oh and I like the way you paired your watch with the ribbon, it looks so adorable like that. n_n

  2.  wogh you look so pretty :)

  3. love your style and cool watch ! :D
    visit me back okay :)

  4. I love the watch and black bow combo! thanks for the styling tip :3

  5. what lenses are you wearing? it is super nice and suits you!!

  6. Cool watch, the smarter thing to do would be to buy a watch that suits everything rather than dress around your watch though.