Saturday 11 February 2012

My Baby G Prize! Haha.

Yeah, so here is the watch I've gotten from Baby-G! (:

I really love it and I find it very sweet! 
The prize was chosen for me according to my style! 

Maybe.. to them I'm a sweet and cute person? LOL! 
Hehehehe, I don't think I'll live up to that though! 

I really like this new watch that I've gotten and it suits the clumzy me since Baby-G watches are 
water-resistant, shock-resistant and whatever not-ched resistant 
that always keeps the watch useful for YEARS!

So after reading all my Baby-G posts, are you ready to STYLE WITH BABY-G
Get your Baby-G watches from G-Factory outlets today! 

*psssssst : Baby-g is super IN in Taiwan and Japan! Hurry get yours and don't fall from the trend! It's even in Popteen!