Thursday 16 February 2012

[Cosme-Review: CandyDoll's Cheek Brush Set]

 *Video-form Review.

Hi all !

I have done a vlog to review the new CandyDoll's brushes I've gotten (:
I hope you all find this review helpful !

Basically the brushes are really soft and I really love it loads.

& also, I've chopped off my hair! I now have really really short hair!
What do you all think of it?

Thank you all ! (: Byeee !


  1. I think short hair really suits you, cute ! ^W^

  2. Omgeee you cut your hair! So cute :3

  3. Wow! The brushes looks nice! You look so cute! : D

  4. Hi you look damn cuteeeeee with your new hair!!!! ^^ Anw may i know what's the brand of the highlighter that you're using in the video? :D

  5. I realize you're kinda disappoint when you're talking about people writing and commenting nasty things about you . But but but but , you never know that you have much much much more people love you than those keyboard warriors ! So just don't give a damn on others and do hat you want ! (⌒▽⌒)