Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa, Review.

Hi all beloved readers.

I am going to blog about A Singapore Love Story written by Low Kay Hwa.
Some of you may heard of Low Kay Hwa, some may not.
Some may like him as a person, some may not.

However, this doesn't affect the quality of his novels. 

Some people who have read his novels may say that they are very ridiculous, how can such things happen, this is just nonsense of someone who imagines too much or whatever.
I would like to say something about this concept.

I believe that the reason why you feel like this is because Low Kay Hwa is a Singaporean.

He is so close to us as Singapore is so small.
There will be people who don't like him, & don't read his books because of that fact.

However, take a look at books like the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and other fictional books, 
they all don't make sense too. 

How can vampires exist, how can there be a magical world that exist here that wizards warps there to gather and study the magical books. 
These are fiction too. Some people may like them some may not.

It's really unfair for some of you that judge him & say nasty things about him just because of that.
I don't know him personally, but I like his books.

I like the storyline/plot/the whole freaking novel, I like how they made me cry out loud,
I like how his imaginations hypnotise me. 

Low Kay Hwa is a Singaporean, someone who once studied in Singapore Poly then to a University.
Someone who lives in the same country as us

There's not much Singaporeans who writes novels. He inspired me.
People may say that Singaporeans can't write but he really proves some of us wrong.

He uses simple words that the Singapore's majority understands, he uses languages in his book that we commonly hear in our society.

This makes us feel so close to the characters in the story.
This makes us feel, understand and imagine so well that we may even think that whatever he wrote is a true story.

Even to overseas readers, 
his books will make you understand in what kind of society do Singaporeans live in.

Nonetheless, the stories are still fictional.

That's all for the introduction of the Author. Haha.

-A Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa, Review by Kiyomi-  

The chapters in this book is really interesting, the author used the stations of the green line of our MRT stations as his chapters in this book. 

From Joo Koon to Pasir Ris.

It's about a story of a girl named Valerie.
This book writes her thoughts, her experiences, her love life.

This guy named Michael in the book, sacrifice so much for her.

The difference in their socio-economic status.
The difference of their education levels. 
The different family environment.
& how they were brought together by"Fate". 

In this book you will read,

How much they loved each other.
How cruel reality is.
All the challenges a couple can face,

even till death, couldn't, tear them apart

Even death couldn't break them apart, 
then how did they break up, how did their love story end?
It was reality, it was their LOVE for each other that tore them apart.

And love is like a rubber band,
& reality is stretching it.

"No matter how much two lovers love each other, reality will stretch that love.
Whether it holds or breaks doesn't just depend on (only) how strong the love is. 
It depends on how aggressive reality is stretching as well."

Once the rubber band is broken, there is no longer any way to fix it. 

I was confused when I read the book, I thought Valerie died.
I thought the story stopped once "Valerie died". 

*I stopped reading when I thought Valerie died, till I sms-ed Low Kay Hwa...
& realised, I was wrong, Valerie didn't die.. everything didn't end when death was announced.

I was wrong. 
I continued reading after knowthing this fact : 
Michael died.
However, death DID NOT do them apart. 

Michael once said, 

"Because ever since I held your hand, 
I've been trying my best to ensure that I will support you and protect you. 

"I don't want to just be your boyfriend.

I want to be someone you can depend on; 
someone you turn to when you have problems." 

& someone like this left Valerie's life?

To know everything that happened, to witness whatever that happened between them.
To understand Michael's point of view.
To know why they were torn apart.

Read this book till the end. 

Read this book untill the very very end. 

-The end of my review- 

To buy this book, and other Low Kay Hwa's projects : 

He have so so so many more wonderful books that you all can read (:

I have 2 copies of "For that day", 
another novel by Low Kay Hwa.

If you want to have them,
comment below and tell me why you want them.
I will choose the best reason and, you, 
who give me the best reason will get 1 copy of "For that day".
So there will be 2 winners.

Thank you all for reading this post! (: 


  1. *sacrifice and sounds nice =)

  2. Never had the chance in getting low kay hwa books. I thought it would be awesome to get my hands on it. The stories are amazing from what people tell me (:

  3. I love to read books , especially those by Low Kay Hwa . He's a awesome author <3

  4. He's the best author. Lesson learned from those books I have read was "Not every love story have happy ending."

  5. Love reading non-fictional story. A fan of "true-story'! Would really wish to get my hands on this great book, which the story-line seems to relate to me closely too... Somehow, a relationship that didn't get approved due to how friends view us as. Would really wish to read on their wonderful story to understand their love story!
    *love reading your blog* (:

  6. love your blog!
    could you check out mine?

    thank you! i hope you will like!

  7. hey kiyomi, I hope to win Low Kay Hwa's book cos most of the books I read are set in a western society, and even some young writers feel quite paiseh to write in a local setting so they write in, what, new york, LA? but low Kay hwa isn't that type of person, he's proud of his culture. (: I heard pxdkitty talk about this book too, had a giveaway too but I didn't make it in time to join! so I really hope to win a book from here, I heard about him some time ago already and always wondered what his books were about, whether they are good, etc. and your review really helped me. (: and I trust your judgement, it must be a great book! It seems really really interesting, all those love stories and all but in a local setting so I'm sure most of us will be able to relate to it, which is the best part. (: thanks!

  8. Hi Kiyo! I really hope to win Low Kay Hwa's "For that day" because I'm a book lover! I love both fiction and non-fiction books! Especially when comes to love stories! I dont know why, but I'll imagine myself as one of the character in that story. Story books is part of me! Therefore I really hope to win it! Thanks sweet! And I love the way you blog too! Stay kawaii!!

  9. omg and I love your new sidebar photo! pretty <3

  10. Hello Kiyomi! Would like to win "For that day" book very much! I love Low Kay Hwa's writtings right after your intro! I even went to his website and read "A Singapore Love Story" from chap 1 to 10! Really hope to win it! It will confirm make my day!!! Haahahah, Thanks pretty!

  11. Good day! I love reading love stories! Hopefully I can be the one who can walk away with it! My sisters also love reading books too! If I can win this, I'm so going to share it with her! Singapore author gogogo!
    Happy belated Valentines day Kiyomi! Being a reader of yours since 6 months ago! :) Do blog more!! teehee

  12. Low Kay Hwa is the local equivalent of Jodi Picoult or John Grisham. These three people produce novels like printers because they're meritless. There are good local authors out there, and Low Kay Hwa isn't one of them.

    1. Haha,I have to agree. LKH isn't someone who is trained to write or someone with poetic language to entice us with pomp in his writing.
      However, LKH has successfully presented to us this universal sentiments of love and friendship through this short novel that I find very touching and worth reading. Although it may not be those with great expression or language, I feel that it's simplicity is accessible to many. This kind of accessibility and emotions can touch both the young and old. Moreover, the setting within Singapore city, really reflects the ideology of those times (when Singapore just started out industrializing). However small scale this novel is, it is still a great read in my opinion.
      Thank you for your input!!

  13. Low kay hwa has very bad language and his story lacked depth. Some of his arguments on his website is also very weak and hints at a socially insecure person.