Friday 17 February 2012

Cool?! (: Sometimes, I just like to be something different.

Here's some pictures that I've taken before I chopped off my hair.

Have always wanted to try styles that suit matured looking faces that I have now (:
*Okay, I know I look old! Hahah. 

Have decided to try out different styles especially 
those cool-type of style! Haha.
Because I wouldn't have suited that style when I was younger with loads of baby fats on my face!

The top is actually a guy cut top I got from Bugis Street (Flexor) at SGD40! 

It was meant for my bf but I knew he wouldn't like the cloth 
after thinking twice on whether to pass it to him or not.

In the end, I wore it for these pictures! HAHAHA!

So what do you think about this style? 

Okay la, that's all for this REAAAAALLLLLYYY short post!

See you all back here real soon alrights? (:

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