Monday 20 February 2012

Free Adv: SPREEYO! (:

Hi all! 

As you know, I have posted on my twitter the other day 
that I will be doing free advertisements for Blogshops! 

So if you own a blogshop, you may want me to advertise it for you FOC (: 

Quality of posts depending on whether you sponsor me any of your clothes 
so that I can take pictures with it and post it on my blog for you. 
So if you've decided that you just need a mention, then just let me know. Haha. 

I will decide whether to feature your blogshop in a single post or just a short mention below my post depending on situations. 
It's FOC so don't demand too much ya? (: 

For today, 
I will be featuring

They have just closed their 40th Spree and now they are opening the 41st Spree.

So you may think what does the number of spree they opened say about them isn't it?
I personally think that the number of sprees they have opened before signifies their experience on taking orders for sprees.
& also the fact that they can survive in the blogshopsphere for 40 sprees shows that their really dependable and trusted that people will keep going back to buy from them! 

Their sprees only takes around 1-2weeks to arrive after the spree closes.
& The apparels aren't expensive too. 

I really love some of these apparels from Spreeyo

Just go take a look at and shop shop alright? (: 
Shopping have some ingredients that will help you destress! 



  1. UNFORTUNATELY, it's in Singapore =( *sad*

  2. omg that polka dot top is so cuteeee!! and I see some stuff I really like =x