Wednesday 22 February 2012

My recently bought items & recently found video!

*evil laughter

This post is like a summary of what I've bought recently! I blogged about them already so.. yupp! 

& recently I've found this video of SATOPI ~ Omg, I'm like a new fan of hers now! (:

- A "Normal" Blogpost like any other girls -

I have been like sick and missed work for like 2 days -______- !
I really hate it and I can't do anything except for using my computer cause I feel so much like a weakling.
I really really hate feeling weak alright? I'm not someone who likes to be taken care of.

I like to act-like-one independent freak even when I'm really weak, LOLWTS. HAHAH!
Yes and I can pretend that I'm absolutely alright infront of everyone except my BF and idk why! 

I think I'm just this weird freak who likes to act-glam and everything~

How I wish I wasn't sick because I missed out the chance to learn manicure+scrub at OPI !
So now I only know how to do manicure for others but not scrub -________-lll
Ohwell! What to do, what a lousy body I have and what a stupid weather it is recently that made me fall sick?
Have got so many things to do and I need to study! ):

& I realised that I'm not a really typical teenager! LOL!
Typical teenager would be blogging like,
"My heart is like a glass, you broke it and it can never be fixed again".
LOL, okay, I find that phrase really lame -______- !

Or they will be blogging like,
"my parents are so strict and I have to hide my relationship with my boyfriend". =/  
or or or they will say things like, "He held on to me and his warmth is so.. he made me forget my ex.." LOL.
Hmmmm, what else? "I love you so much, why did you leave me alone"? HAHAHAH! 
Okay, I'm so bad and ridiculous now!
I'm like making fun of people & being super offending!
I just feel that it's not needed to tell the world about these kind of things, don't they find it embarassing? LOL, okay, sorry if I'm so so much of a baddie and everything.

Hahahah. I'm being SO random here so...

"-The End-"

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