Tuesday 26 June 2012

This Season.. of Didd on Kiyomilim.com ~

Hello hey everyone,
It's time for some shopping. http://www.didd.co/ is having on-going promotions!

Here are some pieces that I have gotten from them and is really really beautiful.
You may find some of these pieces really familiar as I have been mentioning them and wearing them recently!
I've also posted them on twitter! > <

Do remember to quote "KiyomiLovesDIDD" upon purchase to get a 10% off total bill!

The DIDD Plunge Neck Chiffon Playsuit! 
Original price at SGD24.00

This casual one-piece is definitely a good-buy!
We can wear it anywhere we go and it suits almost all occasions.
You won't have to think of what to wear on a busy day~
Just grab this overall and hit the town!
Comfortable and easy-to-wear.

DIDD Tinkerbell Skaterdress
@SGD15.00 only
Original price at SGD26.00

To be very honest, I instantly fell in-love with this piece once I saw it in the package sent to me.
The quality is superb and the design is really pretty.
Very unique and you cannot find it anywhere else as it's designed by DIDD!

Polka Dot Frock in White
@SGD9.90 only
Original price at SGD27.00

I saw this piece selling at SGD29.90 in shopping centres!
It's a hot selling piece everywhere and DIDD have them at only SGD9.90!
It's a little too big for me but it will definitely suit taller people~ 

This piece is imported and not designed by DIDD and that explains why it can be found in other places!
Pieces designed by DIDD is unique and only available at DIDD.CO (: 

DIDD Aline Polka Skorts in Navy!

No promotion for this piece because it's too pretty!
It comes with the belt (: 

When my great grandmother saw me wearing this piece, 
her eyes opened wide and asked me where I got this and how much I got it for.
She told me that it's definitely very very expensive.
I told her it's SGD24.00 and she said that it's a good buy!
She said that this piece is very pretty and looks really sweet.

It suits both tall and short people! > < 
I love how it suits me.
This piece is a must-get though there's no promotion for this piece!
Don't miss it as DIDD might not be manufacturing it anymore!

DIDD textured Jersey Crepe Frock in Orange.

Well well, this piece is out of stock and removed from DIDD's webstore ):
I am so sorry that I didn't manage to share this piece when it was still available!
However, DIDD has many many more awesome pieces at their webstore that it definitely worth the buy!
Sorry!!! > < 

So do remember to quote "KiyomiLovesDIDD" upon purchase to get a 10% off total bill!

Don't miss these pretty pieces~
DIDD ships worldwide at low shipping rates! 
So don't worry if you don't live in Singapore, DIDD delivers to you (: 

Bye busy pretty bees! 
& I love blogging! 

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