Thursday 28 June 2012

[Experience: Singapore Flyer]

I went to Singapore Flyer with my boyfriend! Agepoyo~!
Boyfriend have been realllllly sweet lately by bring me to 'tour' around in Singapore.

To be very honest, we may all be Singaporeans but not many of us actually went to tourist attractions like the Singapore Flyer isn't it? 

I was super excited when I heard that he will accompany me to the Flyer (:
So I dressed up! > <
Yepp, so I dressed up nicely and pleated my hair....
*Just like a typical first date kind of thing~ 

I wore top from CottonOn and bottom from CottonOn too!
It was also my very first time wearing pink shorts (:
I got the top at SGD10 and shorts at SGD15, which was considered rather low-priced.
& I added a belt I've got from, suspenders I got some time ago from Bugis Street.

My make-up was the same one here :

Boyfriend was really sweet as he haven't caught much sleep the previous night and he bought the awfully sour take5 just to stay awake for me!

We took a train and alighted at Promenade station, the circle line, exit A.

Then turned left at the station and walked to Singapore Flyer by following the direction of the 'wheel'.

I thought that going into the Flyer is just like a proccess of going through a long plain boring queue then into the cabins.
To my surprise, there were many exhibits on display!
With art works of many reknowned artist around the world.

One of the exhibits on the theme "familiar shapes"

So.. let the journey begin :

 So after queue-ing up and going through this awesome pathway, we finally got on the flyer!
As a Singaporean, the scene of the city is no alien to me. I wasn't much amused but still enjoyed my ride by pointing out to my boyfriend places in Singapore and discussing about how different these building look from the bird-eye view!

There was this kid there singing "boring~ boring~ boring~" hahaha. Okay *random* 

Oh, if you have motion sickness, the ride might not be suitable for you as the cabin rotates as it rises.

After the whole ride in the flyer, boyfriend and I walked around the place and found nothing much to be amused about and walked our way back to the MRT station.

On the way back, I saw this amazing scenery under the bridge! > <

*My camera was not good enough to capture what my eye saw T-T, it was so much prettier!

& That is all for my post today! 

Little update: From this week onwards, I will only be updating my blog once every Thursday (: So do check back once a week to see what new stuffs I have here alright? Thanks sweeties!

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  1. Nice outfit , I love your pink shorts and your bag is so beautiful :D
    This place to look nice :)