Tuesday 31 July 2012

[Colour Contacts Review: Geo Mimi (XMM-204) Almond Brown]

The previous time I've gotten the Princess Mimi in Chocolate brown, aka the Bambi Brown, 
from some optical shop located in the Ang Mo Kio district. 

(For design, see picture below)

Geo Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown, Aka, Bambi Chocolate. (WMM-304)

It was required for me to personally go down (to the shop) to pay for the lenses with a 3 days waiting time.
Which means that I had to go back to that shop 3 days later to collect my lenses.

I found it rather troublesome for me, plus, these lenses expire every month (according to the info. given in Singapore).
I was looking for a replacement brand, which in the end, I gave up to do so as all other brands in Singapore don't really offer pretty designs.

So one day I was happily shopping at Junction 8 (Bishan) and taaadaaa~
I happen to find an optical shop that sells these lenses! Yay!
*Shop's name is EyeStory. It's located opposite [77th street] and infront of [World of Sports], 2nd floor.
& They were selling at a lower price compared to in Ang Mo Kio.

What was even better was that the lenses there are all instocks with degree!
I can happily throw my lenses away and not worrying about not having a new pair in time.
The shop assistant was really helpful and patient while I scroll through the books of designs.

So, this time round, I've chosen the Geo Mimi Almond Brown.

I've seen a lot of reviews on this pair of lenses and realised that some people have been mentioning that these lenses were way too small for them.
Some people mentioned that it was too natural and doesn't look like you're wearing coloured lenses.
I've also seen people loving this pair of lens that they own.

I've decided to give it a try, as I was trying to go on a more natural looking make-up style.

First of all, I would like to mention that, everyone have their own unique tastes.
Some people may like how the lenses look, while some may not.
So, the "review" on the design might be really subjective.

What I really like about Geo lenses in Singapore is :
1. It is really safe.
2. Comes with a pretty and "protective" box.
3. Comes with a contact lens case with every pair of lenses inside the box.

The diameter of this lens/design is 14.5mm only.

It is the smallest in the "Princess Mimi - Premium brand" collection, as all the others are 15mm. 

Design : 4/5 stars 
- I actually love how natural the design is, however I don't really understand the "pattern" of it. It's really pretty but if you take a look at it inside of your eyes, you cant see the difference of this design compared to the Geo W4U-244 or WI4-A24.
- It's so similar that I can't rate the design full marks > <

Enlarging Effect : 4/5 stars 
- I love the size of the lenses! I love how it doesn't 'over englarge' my eyes when I'm without make up.
- After I put on my make up, I still love these lenses as it's not 'too small' in my eyes even with heavy and thick eyelashes on.
- 1 star is taken away because the enlargement isn't as 'dolly' and huge, compared to the other Mimi series.

Comfort Level : 5/5 stars 
- It isn't too slippery in my eyes and the lenses won't tend to 'swim' around.
- It's high water content keeps my eyes comfortable throughout the day.
- This do not apply to all Geo lenses but only to Mimi lenses as other Geo lenses aren't the 'Premium series'.
- The lens is of very high quality and is very comfortable for daily wear.

Overall : 4.5/5 stars 
I would, indeed, recommend these pair of lenses to everyone who asks me about it. 
Well, I love looking-natural! ^ ^ 

Geo Mimi (XMM-204) Almond Brown

That is all for my review and see you all soon! 

By Kiyomi Lim.


  1. Cutee you are awesome yes lim you never wrong

    watch Geo Super live Live

  2. Hi! It is actually not safe to wear them for a year. In Singapore, it is a law that all lenses should be less than 3months disposable!

  3. I own these, but I do have some comfort issues with them, how long do you keep them in?

  4. I wear them for at least 10 hours due to school. It's fine for me. However, the lenses are monthly disposable.

  5. 10 hours! Are they all monthly disposable? I ordered mine from PinkyParadise, but I thought it was yearly... maybe that's it.. thanks anyway!

  6. Hi, what is the moisture content? Thanks

  7. 38% if I am not wrong (: you can ask the optician on duty that day.

  8. I agree! It's surprisingly awesome.

  9. Teehee! Yepp, it's really nice!v

  10. They look so cute and pretty on you! They have a suprisingly good enlarging effect for only being 14.5~!<3

  11. 钟可雅 Tammy Zhong24 November 2013 at 10:03

    These lenses look really nice! Natural yet dolly(:

  12. I like these! They are naturally dolly and the brown is a taupe color ^^

  13. How much Are the lens?!

  14. hi :D
    may I know whether is the lens still selling at Junction 8 and what is the price?

    1. The lenses are about $25 per pair (: you can get it at eyestory at J8, in front of *world of sports*