Sunday 29 July 2012

[Just random thoughts: Writing a post.]

I'm not born to be a writer and I'm definitely not cut out to be one. 
My main objective of posting things online is not to influence people with my posts.
Everything here is just my thoughts and what I feel about things that are going on around me.

I am not some one who can sit down infront of my computer, then start brain-storming on what to write and instantly something logical will come out of me.

I don't speak wisely most of the time, neither am I someone who can give advices.
The best advice from me is actually no advice.

So if nothing logical comes out of me, so why do I still write posts on my blog isn't it?

I start writing only when some thoughts strikes me and I don't know what to do about the string of thoughts I'm having at that moment.
My "Just random thoughts" posts are all posts that follows my string of thoughts at that point of time.
I just feel like writing down what's inside of me.

The reason why I write them down is,
-To stop myself from thinking.
By writing down my flow of thoughts so as to 'organise' my thoughts and tell myself that there's a 'the end'.

There's only one reason to why I post them online.
-Because when I read back, I found them meaningful and wanted to share my views.

If you think that those that I post up online is all I think about and write down, you're so wrong.
I've written so many more, it's all in my phone, however, I just don't put them up.

Mainly not up because, I don't feel the need of letting people know about those thoughts that I had.
I only post up those that I believe that people can relate to, those that I think people will want to read, or even things that I want to let people know about.

All of my posts are written at the most unexpected times.
Sometimes when I'm watching the TV, sometimes when I'm studying, sometimes when I'm reading, sometimes when I'm walking, sometimes when I'm chatting with my friends... etc.

I'm not wise, I'm not someone who can speak like a wise person where every word makes sense.
I'm not mature, I'm not someone who can look at things with maturity.

I admit that I'm a deep-thinker. Once I start thinking, it's hard for me to stop.
My thoughts would fly everywhere and fly anywhere.
It's most annoying when it's at night, I just can't fall asleep.

That's why I need to write, it's like my lullaby.

Written by,
Kiyomi Lim