Friday 3 August 2012

[Event: Haraju-Cute!]

Yes, it's Haraju-cute and indeed very very cute!

 -About Haraju-cute corner- 

Haraju-cute corner is exclusively located in Guardian filled with an amazing amount of 15 cult brands from Japan. These brands are all the tip top ones that have been winning 1st or 2nd places in Japan's,, cosmetic products ranking site. They are produced by famous models, tv stars and make-up artists.

Haraju-cute not only have cosmetics products but skincare as well.

Japan's well-known make-up artist, Tanaka Yukuko, that expertise in 'shrinking' faces, produced a ZOGAN face mask. Which only requires your to put it on once every week to make your face smaller.
Although I have not tried this product, I will definitely go get my hands on them, because she have proven so many miraculous results on Japanese models.

Some examples of the brands they carry is Diamond Beauty products - Diamond cream cheek blushers and Diamond nose make-up, BRIGITTE by Rola, AB mezikal Fibre, AVANCE and BONAVOCE by Saeko.

These are the brands that keeps you coming back to buy them once you've run out of the products.

Do 'like' their facebook page to receive 1st hand updates!

-My door gifts-

It was shocking to see so many beautifully adorned products in a shiny white handbag that was handed to me as soon as I registered myself.

If I have the time, I will definitely review all of these products and let you all know more about how I feel about them > <

-My experience at the event-

I had a extremely bad facial condition on that day of the event. I thought everything would be disastrous.
Pimple marks were all over my face, I really hate breakouts.

However, not like what I expected it to be, I had a very enojyable evening!
The company was generous in welcoming us with treats from the restaurant, Sun with Moon.
There were unlimited amount of deliciously made sushi infront of us.
Even after we finished one humongous plate, another plate followed soon after.
We also had never ending servings of green tea to our cup.

Everyone at the event was surprisingly friendly.

Kelly was the 'Model of the day'. She was there to demonstrate how to put on AB eyelid fibre as well as to be the model for this famous make-up guru, Larry, to flaunt his never-ending make-up techniques.

Full make-up was applied on Kelly using all the authentic Japanese techniques.
We were fed with useful tips and tricks to putting on Japanese make-up.

I saw many other bloggers there too, however, I don't like 'jumping tables' so I just stuck on to people on the same table as I was sitting at.

Beside me was Mirai, Sochii, Wendy Ashley, Golly-Locks and infront of me was, Ms. Double Chin, Claire, Jae Shimizu and omg, I forgot her name.

After everything ended, we were all given green tea ice creams!

I enjoyed my time there!
Byebye! ^ ^


  1. Hi Kaishi. My review for AB have been scheduled to 13th august 2012 12pm (: so please check back on Monday (: thank you for your trust!

  2. Please do a review on the AB fiber? I want to try them but the cost is intimidating! I trust your review! <3

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! > < Yepp! We had fun and lots of food! Haha

  4. Yupp! I personally love Brigitte lip glosses more!

  5. oh my gosh!!! I love Brigitte!!! I'm so glad singapore has it now!! <3 <3

  6. Looks like you guys had a really fun time!
    I wish we had events like that where I live :P
    Enjoying your posts~! ^^