Monday 20 August 2012

[Blogshop Adv: Spree Site]

Like other spree sites, you will have to order and wait for about 2-3weeks for your items to arrive.
Yet unlike other spree sites, you get to choose from a large variety of accessories and apparels at BlushInn.

Usually, these apparels/accessories at the sites are picked by the respective owners based on their own preferrence!
It's sometimes quite hard to find one that suits your taste, that you will keep going back.

So as for me, I will grab and go.
Grab and go as in once I spot the apparels I like, I will not hesitate and buy it straight IF it isn't too pricey.
Example, an item costs $3 and it sells $5 in retails, I'll just grab it.
I won't go looking or google for other web that may have a lower price.
Reason, if you hesitate and look for 'cheaper ones' you may lost that site that you originally want to purchase from.

Plus, I don't really 'bookmark' these sites, but I do follow them on twitter/facebook/instagram for more updates if I like their styles.

Oh, back to the main point of this post today, BlushInn

Here are 2 tops I've gotten from BlushInn.
I am actually quite satisfied with the material and cuttings.

BlushInn also carries authentic Cheap Monday's jeans at low prices.

I love their papercut shorts~ > <

Well, their choices for shoes too...

Hmm, anyway, happy shopping with BlushInn and remember to Grab and Go! ^ ^ 
Here's their web and order form! 

Please remember to read up the Terms and Conditions as well! 



  1. So Pretty! I would Order if I could it! I love the MAKE UP! Your so cute! Miss Ya! :) <3