Monday 13 August 2012

[Cosme-review: AB Eyelid Fibre]

Most of the time, I would choose to use Eyelid tape over Eyelid Fibre.
Reason being, I am too lazy to put Eyelid Fibres on! 
There's 1 more extra step, which is to cut off the ends of the fibre.

Picture from my Camera. 30 pieces pack.

Note to first time users : 

One very important point if you really want to try to use Eyelid Fibre instead of Eyelid tape,
you will need to 'master' your skills on Eyelid tapes first.
If you can't put on eyelid tape at one go and need to keep removing it to and put in on again to be able to achieve the parallel eyelids that you want, you will definitely have difficulty with eyelid fibres.

When you want to use these fibres for the first time, you will definitely not get the technique straight away.
It takes practice, practice and practice. You really need to keep practising to get it on easily.

You might even waste 10 fibres on your first try, unless you're a talent in doing this! (o;TωT)o
One thing for sure, I wasn't that talent either, I practised.

I practised a lot on my eyelid tape skills too, it's not easy to get it on like how I do now.

Maybe not only for eyelid tapes, but other make-up techniques too!  (-^〇^-)


So why choose eyelid fibre over eyelid tape right?

Eyelid fibres are much more natural looking than eyelid tapes.
You won't get pertruding plastic at the end of your eyes in order to get that double eyelids.
Most of the time, people won't even realise that you're using something on your eyes.
It's much more natural looking when you're without make-up too.

Here's a picture of my eye with the Fibre :

It's so much more "not-obvious" than tapes isn't it? > <
Well, it's a girl's dream to look pretty and natural right?


Why AB and not other brands?

There are many eyelid fibres in the market and AB is the leading one in Japan.
I was wondering what is the difference between these fibres.

What I realised was AB is stickier than other fibres out there.
I put on the AB fibre to realise that when I want to remove it 10-12 hours later, it was still sticking strong!
I guess, I understand why the Japanese rather get AB fibres than those of other brands.

It is actually quite expensive in price,
19.90 for 30 pieces (green packaging)
27.90 for 60 pieces (pink packaging)
45.90 for 120 pieces (blue packaging)

I would recommend you all to try using cheaper fibres to practise before getting the more expensive one.
It's your choice, though, haha. If you have to money to spend, why not? (:


Overall, I rate AB fibres 5/5 stars.
It's the tip top quality compared to it's competitors. 

You can get them in the Haraju-cute corner in Guardian.

For more on where to find Haraju-cute and what other products Haraju-cute has :

Reviewed 100% by Kiyomi Lim.

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  1. It's look so natural on you :O wow and you are so pretty too ^____^