Saturday 4 August 2012

[Just random thoughts: Personal Blog vs Commercialised Blog]

I am not going to really compare these 2 types of blog but write my views on why my blog is a personal blog, and why do I choose to blog this way. ^ ^ 

There's a few questions I am interested in from people reading this post, 
What is blogging to you? What do you all think blogging is?
What do you feel about your blog? Why do you blog? What are you blogging for? 

Remember the previous time I said that I blog because, writing is my lullaby?
If you haven't read or can't remember, here's my post on it: 


1.  My blog is a personal blog.
I do not have a specific genre, I do not blog mainly on any of these - fashion, lifestyle, make-up or food.
I blog whatever I feel like writing about at that point on time when thoughts are flowing through my mind.
This is a personal space for me, that allows me to freely express myself here.

2. I review products/shops the way I like it.
I write reviews because I would like to voice out my opinion about certain physical subjects. Letting people read these opinions of mine, taking it into consideration in decision-making. By doing this, I let people know about products that they have not personally tried and let them get a rough idea what that product/shop is about.

I would first search reviews about products I am interested in before 'investing' my money into it, I believe many others would do this as well. I would definitely look for more than one review to make comparisons. I love sharing what I feel about the product as well, to write about my own opinions in my own perspective towards it.

3. I still do advertorials. 
Just to mention, I am not someone who charges much for advertisements on my blog.
Most of the time, I write up advertorials because I love sharing about blogshops out there.
However, I do not have much time to do so, I still need to work and so on.
I charge blogshops/brands/companies with cash payment because I needed to take out my time from working to take pictures for them and (or) to write up a full advertorial.
I needed the money to compensate the time, that I have taken up for doing the advertisement, which I could have earned from a part-time job. It's like an 'income' for my extra effort as well.
Well, and to gain some 'pocket money'. I guess.

4. Covering events on my blog. 
I cover / RSVP to events, usually because I find it interesting and could forsee a 'fun' in that particular event.
I do not RSVP to events that I am not, personally, interested in.
Not because I am 'arrogant' or proud or 'ya-ya' or etc.
But for the point that I don't see the point in making an effort just to go down to the event venue which in return, I wasted my time and goes home 'empty-handed'.
'Empty-handed' do not refer to gifts or cash payment, but refers to knowledge or fun that I would have.
Time is precious, 24 hours is already not enough.

Example, KPOP events. This is not something that I would RSVP to. It's quite openly known to my closer blog readers that I am not interested in KPOP. That's why I don't see the point of being there. Even if they would give me awesome gifts just to sit there and watch, I don't think I will be able to,
Yet, if it was about make-up/skin care, I would definitely find time to attend if I could.

5. I like what I am doing now, and I am complacent. 
I, now, blog at my 'own time, own target'.
I do not need to feel obliged to deadlines or minimum 'views' a day. My blog can be about anything, 'me, me, me and me'. I do not have the need to 'create' news to garner awareness to my blog.
I can ablog about anything, I like or feel like. I do not need to put up a hypocritical smile to 'socialise' with people, in order to pool 'resources'.

Best thing, I can do anything to this space of mine.

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim

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  1. Sometimes, I find that with commercialised blogs, I have to be more careful about reading reviews. There's nothing wrong with commercialised blogs though, but I agree that personal blogs allow a wider range of topics and more freedom to blog~