Monday 24 June 2013

McDonalds Singapore Hotcakes Breakfast Meal

"McDonald's is fattening! Don't eat it", is something that we hear all the time.
"Cut down on your Mac Meals and you will lose weight", is a common advice.

How true is this? 

Quoted from McDonald's Singapore website:
"At McDonald’s, we are committed to providing high quality foods, using the best raw ingredients, working with trusted suppliers and ensuring consistent preparation standards… every step of the way. Our team of quality assurance experts work with a network of trusted international suppliers to ensure that stringent food quality and food safety specifications are adhered to at every stage. In Singapore, we buy only from sources approved by the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority. In fact, the ingredients that go into McDonald’s foods may very well come from the same trusted brands you buy to prepare meals at home for your family. After all, we know as well as you that with the right ingredients, every bite speaks quality"

 The sodium levels for McDonald's is just like any other fast food restaurants.

Lets say, no fast food is ever healthy
They all contains high sodium level & preservatives.


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Avoiding McDonald's doesn't necessarily slim you down.
Everything still boils down to knowing what you eat. 

 I've had McDonald's breakfast this morning too! 
I had the Hotcakes for breakfast BUT it doesn't necessarily mean fat.

Here's how the Normal McDonald's HotcakesExtra Value meal would add up to (before my moderation):
- 3 pieces pancake
- 2 butter pieces
- 1 hotcake syrup
- 1 Hashbrown (w/o sauce)

Totals to
Calories: 978kcal
Carbs: 153g
Fats: 37g
Protein: 10g
Sodium: 1,175mg

Here is what I ate (after moderation/sharing):
- 1 and half pancake *it's very very filling*
- half butter piece
- 1/5 hotcake syrup
- half hashbrown
- 200ml fresh milk

Only totals to 
Calories: 511kcal(with fresh milk) & 415kcal(without fresh milk)
- Just a tip: You may want to dip the hotcakes into the syrup instead of pouring it.

*Roughly how much a diet-friendly breakfast would add up to.


It's not about not eating Macs or not but how much you eat. 

You can easily track the nutrition information on the traymat or here:

I've bought [The Ugly Duckling] Hello Kitty Collection from McDonald's! Yay!
There was a relatively long queue this morning but the Kitties were too cute to resist.
I definitely had to grab one for myself ^ ^ 

Signing off,

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