Sunday 6 April 2014

Out of fashion.

IRKS, school has been keeping me away from fashion updates, lookbooks and magazines.
I realise that my wardrobe has long since it was last "updated".
Seemingly no input at all > < How to be vain like that?!

Luckily Ben went overseas and got a few new pieces for me or I would have become
a joke when I walk in the streets. 
I've been wearing too much T-shirts, Shorts and Plain outerwear.
I'm becoming like a boy - esp in Singapore - that cannot be bothered to dress up.

The things Ben bought for me!

#Sadlife in JC that you can keep up to trends or even have the time to go shopping for your own clothes ):
Worse part? My grandma is more updated that me in case of fashion sense!

My new year clothes was largely from her shopping!
The black shirt from H&M and my awesome Zara fake-leather jeans...
BUT! She's so into the European fashion that I'm so less concerned of~ 

I was chatting with my friends and they told me, "its ok, dont worry", since I will become "presentable" and "fashionable" again after A levels.
Which means, now I have to dress up.... *upresentably?*  

Even though I just bought new pairs of earrings recently,
 it just cant really fit into my daily dress-up!
This might be the most annoying thing ever ):

I believe many of the students reading this have the same struggles as I do! 
Lets continue to work hard in our academics 
and we will have the chance to *look good* after the exams! 

Lets go! Ganbarou!

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