Friday 11 April 2014

[SurvivaLogue: Surviving Junior College Year 2]

Should re-name this: Random Rants Volume 30,000 (- ____- ;) Zzz

People have been asking me why have I gone MIA from blogging and social life.
It's just like that my principal repeatedly suggest
"You've gotta ask yourself if you're sacrificing the right thing, your results or your social life."

Yep, I prioritised studies above my social life.
Yet, now I'm forced to rethink if whatever I have been doing worth it.

Quoting PM Lee Hsien Loong, "It's (education system in Singapore) too structured, too pressured, too competitive. It's too much hard work. So... stiff. Sometimes, we ourselves complain. All of us who're parents have had our frustrating moments. But we need to know this is a good system."

In this "good system", I see myself fighting everyday, struggling to balance studies and life.
I can't help it but question myself, "am I really so stupid? too stupid to cope with JC?"

Maybe? ... facing failures in JC over and over again feels like knifes piercing through my heart to lacerate my ego.

I have been thinking a life that I could have had without being in JC.
I could have been in a Polytechnic, enjoying term breaks, eating out with my friends, going for a random walk in town and writing as many blog post as I want, still finishing my tutorials.

I feel a need to take a huge study break and off school. The concurrent lectures and tutorials that requires every braincells - up there - to work is really not something productive.
If you think about it, success cases are not always those that studies hard.

I just wonder what kind of conclusion will others have?

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