Wednesday 11 June 2014

Summer Break - of Empty Souls

What have everyone been doing this school holiday season?
Studying? Playing games? Traveling? Eating out? Partying?

I believe that those with exams round the corner is having their hearts pressed against the cool wall of books.
As usual, I have been struggling with balancing work and life. 
But instead, I seem to have been assimilating well enough into the system and my heart has been turned cold and numb that I no longer know how it really feels like to be "free".

I do not know what are your beliefs, but... I've been reading up the Bible a lot. 
Yea, I am a Christian just in case you guys have missed out. 
This holiday, I've been meeting up with my friends for study session over tea, relaxed over a full-length cartoon movie (e.g. how to train your dragon 2) and we met up for feasting at some restaurant around town. 

Relating to Philip Larkin's Poem : Toads revisited,
"Nowhere to go but indoors,
Nor friends but empty chairs"

Life really do seem like a stretch of emptiness ahead when I'm not filled with school work or very much purpose to work something out.

Entertaining friends, meeting up, just seems like a social ritual.
Yet when we don't do so, things ahead just seems to be filled with uncertainty with sinister aura looming around us when we are alone.

Well, I thank God that when such feeling sit in, I have Him around. 
I can't imagine myself, sitting in a corner, being all agnostic and skeptical about life. 
To the very least, I find myself interacting with God personally by reading the Bible and talking to Him, chatting with Him and asking Him what should I do next. 
I seem to be never alone these days. 

Well, that's all for my short post and I shall share with you guys a
Poem I've been inspired to write.


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