Wednesday 11 February 2015

Habitual Walker

I was walking around Khatib area 
hence, I went to the lower seletar reservoir to chill under the gigantic wind.

Since, I walked a lot and love writing so.. 
here's some pictures and a poem. 

[Stray Astray]
Walking through parks,
Staring at people stroll...
How beautiful is this world?

The sun comes, shining bright,
As I wander into this systematic life.
I wonder when will I have a home of mine.

We try and try under this refracted sky,
We try and try to make things right, 
We try and try, everyday, but what we face is day and night.

Everything repeats by midnight.

- by Kiyomi


  1. Love the sky pictures, and I am so jealous of your legs!!
    -Ally Gong

    1. Hey Ally, you have wonderful pictures on your blog too!
      Really really pretty! > < It makes me jealous too! Hahah.
      Thanks for dropping by!